~Sunlight Lifts Dreams~

Sunlight Lifts Dreams off the Forest Floor
Sunlight Lifts Dreams off the Forest Floor


Sunlight lifts dreams off the forest floor,

floating into your heart and soul.


 They become yours to do with what you please,

 keep them to yourself or share with ease.


Just remember dreams are given, to those that won’t delay,

in putting them in motion, because they are fleeting and will decay.


I captured this photo, April 8, 2014, while on a hike with hubby, Skye and Kloud at Stephen F. Austin State Park.

Live Your Dream

11 thoughts on “~Sunlight Lifts Dreams~”

  1. Once again your words touch my heart… and remind me that I must return to my writing…. Am planning a trip to Olympic Nat Park next Sunday, to celebrate the day and enjoy Nature’s gift to me in my new home. My only companions will be my camera, and a notebook.

  2. Beautiful picture! Love the turning path all that green. Looks like you had a wonderful time on your hike. And thanks for your kind words and comment on my blog.

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