~On a brighter note – a Tanka~



bewitching to watch

fluttering wings, magical

coloring vibrant

sunlit mystical beauty

a triumph of nature


Western Swallowtail (looks more like a Two-Tailed Swallowtail, but can't see the tail(s) clearly)
Western Swallowtail
(looks more like a Two-Tailed Swallowtail, but can’t see the tail(s) clearly)

We have a Radiant Crabapple Tree in our yard. This tree was obviously grafted from two different crabapple species, because it has both red and pinkish blooms. Before, our hail storm yesterday it was in full bloom and had caught the attention of this lovely butterfly.




8 thoughts on “~On a brighter note – a Tanka~”

  1. Beautiful! We’re back in Ohio for a week or so… no western swallowtails, but a few of the early species. But… as I sit here at my laptop I hear a wood thrush’s melodious call at 8:30 pm. The perfect end to a day!

    1. Don’t you just love a Thrush’s song; much more intricate than even the Northern Mockingbird. Yes, a perfect end to a beautiful day!

    1. You are most welcome Gay! Hope you are enjoying your lovely weather. It will be 19 here in Colorado Monday. Sure to cause trouble for the birds. I feel so sorry for them. I hope the weather forecasters are wrong!

    1. Hi Ingrid! Thanks so much. Yes, our little hail storm lasted a good while and even decided it needed an encore later in the evening. Nineteen degrees predicted for Monday! Stay warm and Happy Mothers Day to you!

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