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~Butterfly in the Garden

~Loveland, Colorado, August 2017


I just happen to look out one of our upstairs windows yesterday and spotted this butterfly enjoying the blooms on a Butterfly Bush! I removed the screen from the window and tried to capture her as she moved from flower to flower. The sun was in the west, which backlit this little girl.

I believe she is a Variegated Fritillary, but I can’t be sure. Years ago I found a great web-site that helps you identify butterflies. Here is the link: Identify Butterflies.

Look at her eyes!
Watching for harassing bees.
Beautiful patterns

She had a hard time trying to stay away from a yellow jacket that didn’t want her there.

Let me know if you ca identify this butterfly.

Get out and Enjoy Nature!

~On a brighter note – a Tanka~



bewitching to watch

fluttering wings, magical

coloring vibrant

sunlit mystical beauty

a triumph of nature


Western Swallowtail (looks more like a Two-Tailed Swallowtail, but can't see the tail(s) clearly)
Western Swallowtail
(looks more like a Two-Tailed Swallowtail, but can’t see the tail(s) clearly)

We have a Radiant Crabapple Tree in our yard. This tree was obviously grafted from two different crabapple species, because it has both red and pinkish blooms. Before, our hail storm yesterday it was in full bloom and had caught the attention of this lovely butterfly.




~ whimsical, a hint of spring~


in a sea of green

i notice a flash of pink

down i go to drink


Black Swallowtail Butterfly
Black Swallowtail Butterfly
(I played around with the vibrance on this photo


This gorgeous Butterfly flitted around our camp site feeding on these lovely pick flowers. She didn’t stay long, perhaps a few seconds and away she flew.

I never did get a sharp photo, but that doesn’t matter. I love the beauty of this delicate butterfly, the colors of the tiny flowers and lush grasses, and the image it suggest….

Spring is on its way!

Live in the Now