~whimsical wednesday~

“I’am coming in for a landing!”

"I am going to make it?"
“I am going to make it?”


"Whoa, I think I made it!"
“Whoa, I think I made it!”


"Yep, looks like I landed on this limb, Whew!"
“Yep, looks like I landed on this limb, Whew!”


While looking back at some photos, I found these of this little Field Sparrow, which I took at South Llano State Park, back in April. They are not sharp photos, but they are amusing to me. The photos above are three in a row and the bird’s expression is one of surprise!


"Wow, my own private water slide!"
“Wow, my own private water slide!”


 “After practicing my “tree-limb” landing, I decided I needed a bath!”


"Thislittle pool is nice."
“This lttle pool is nice.”


"Should I go for it?"
“Should I go for it?”


Splash, Splash  "This is fun!"
Splash, Splash
“This is fun!”


"You knew I was gonna!"
“You knew I was gonna!”


All but the first and last photo above are in sequence. This little Field Sparrow sure was having a fun day!



Birds sure can be entertaining to watch!

I hope we gave you a chuckle on this Whimsical Wednesday!



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