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~whimsical wednesday-nature at its best~

whimsical wednesday!

Dancing Sunbeams
Chowing Down
Chowing Down
Future meals
Future meals
"Gotta Itch"
“Gotta Itch”
"This Way Guys"
“This Way Guys”
“Hang on Friday’s coming”
“have a magical day”
Moon Over Sand Dune
Moon Over Sand Dune
Soooooo Long
Soooooo Long

 Just a few photos from William M. Tugman State Park this past week. The last photo; however was taken at Bullards.


have a whimsical wednesday

~whimsical wednesday, light~


Light shines through the eyes,

to reveal the soul within.

Light lifts the spirit,

bringing joy into the heart.

Light fills our life,

when it filters into the day.


Light in the eye of a little Squirrel
Light shines into the eyes


Light shines into the heart of an Eastern Bluebird
Light reveals the soul


Light lifts the spirit
Light lifts the spirit


Light helps dry my wings
Light eases our burdens


Light shows me the way
Light shows us the way


Light makes me feel pretty
Light makes us feel pretty


Light sometimes confuses us
Light sometimes confuses us


Light brightens our day
Light brightens our life


Light filters into our day
Light filters into our day


Light of my life
Light shines through the eyes! (The light and love of my life)


The Love and Light of my heart
The light in these two souls, brings us both great joy!


May Light and Love fill all your days.





~whimsical wednesday- Pssst…..Eugene here~


Remember me? Your friendly guide from the Smith Oaks Rookery in High Island, Texas? 

That’s me in the photo below; in case you forgot, I’am the very handsome Great Egret.

I wanted to share, with you, a few photos of my neighbors with the funny shaped bill. You might remember me telling you a little about them in my first post.

What are they doing down there?

"What are they doing?"
“Don’t you think I am handsome?”


Meet Samuel and Rose
Meet Samuel and Rose

Even though I am extremely busy here at the Rookery, trying to keep Louise happy, I noticed that Samuel and Rose do a lot of weird things with that big spoon shaped bill!

"Gotta itch"
“Gotta itch”


 Man, Samuel is trying to poke her in the mouth!

"Open Wide"
“Give me a kiss Rose”


Hmmmm, now I know exactly what they are up to. Maybe I shouldn’t show you these photos; Samuel might get angry with me. Oh what the heck, he has been angry with me before.


Making Babies
“Hold still Rose”


"Will you please get off of my head"
“Sam, will you please get off of my head!”


"Sweet, I'am feeling happy"
“Sweet baby, I’am feeling happy”


“Aren’t they beautiful and don’t they look so darn happy!”


“Just wait until I get my spoonbill on Eugene! Thanks for stopping by, but next time give us some privacy.”


“I gotta go, Samuel is really mad at me!”