~Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge~

colors of the sea

aqua, blue, white and green

embraces reality

Beach located on the Intracoastal Canal near Hobe Sound, Florida
Beach located on the Intracoastal Canal in Hobe Sound, Florida
Mangroves on the Beach
Mangroves on the Beach
Hobe Sound Wildlife Refuge located right on the Intracoastal Canal
Hobe Sound Wildlife Refuge located right on the Intracoastal Canal

We visited the Hobe Sound Wildlife Refuge and Nature Center, which is located about two miles from Jonathan Dickinson State Park. We hiked the trails, walked on the beach and toured the Nature Center. We observed a Bald Eagle, Osprey and other birds. Here are two full time residents. I wasn’t able to learn exactly what happened to these two beauties, because the person that cares for them at the center was out of the building. It appears they might have broken wings. 

Red-tail Hawk
Red-tail Hawk
Barred Owl
Barred Owl. One day I hope to see this beautiful owl in the wild. I don’t know how long I stood there looking at these two.

Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge, was established September 30, 1969. It is a coastal refuge bisected by the Indian River Lagoon into two separate tracts of land totaling over 1000 acres. The 735 acre Jupiter Island tract provides some of the most productive sea turtle nesting habitat in the United States, and the 300 acre sand pine scrub mainland tract is valued because more than 90 percent of this community type has been lost to development in Florida. Sand pine scrub habitat is restricted only to Florida and an adjacent county in Alabama.

Learn more about the Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge here: http://www.fws.gov/hobesound/


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"Who Cooks for You"
“Who Cooks for You”

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9 thoughts on “~Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge~”

    1. Hi Janell, the owl and the red-tailed were breathtaking! I loved staring into their beautiful eyes. Hope you are having lots of creative moments!

  1. Love that beautiful owl! I’ve never seen one on the wild. One day!!

    I’ve never seen mangroves growing on the beach like that, all alone. Interesting!!

    Beautiful refuge:)

    1. I hope to see a Barred Owl in the wild! We have tried at Lake Louisa and other places we know they are, but without spotting them. We have heard them!

      The Mangroves are loved and hated! I am sure the refuge planted them to help protect against erosion. People that live along the intracoastal and other places along the ocean can’t touch them without permission! Huge fines if they pull one out.

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