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~Birding from a boat~


We took a boat ride in brother-in-laws boat, down the Intracoastal Canal in Hobe Sound, Florida and I was able to capture a few bird shots along the way. It is difficult taking photos with the waves lapping against the boat, but the challenge is fun. I hope you enjoy them.

It is great to see so many Osprey nesting here in southern Florida. Too bad we are heading north when the chicks begin to hatch!

Drying its wings
Drying its wings
Shaking off the water after a dive for food
Shaking off the water after a dive for food
Drying its wings
Beautiful Osprey. Its mate was sitting in a nest nearby.

At first glance thought this was an Egret, but after a closer look determined it was a Great Blue! Note the yellow legs and colors around the eyes and bill.

Great Blue Heron, White phase
Great Blue Heron, White phase
Great Blue Heron, White phase
Great Blue Heron, White phase

These guys don’t sit still long.

Belted Kingfisher
Belted Kingfisher fishing.

Pelicans are seen everywhere along the Intracoastal Canal; they love to snooze on pilings.

Brown Pelican
Brown Pelican
“I’am watching you”

It was nice to see these Yellow-crowned Herons perched in the Mangroves.

Yellow-crowned Heron
Yellow-crowned Heron



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Great Blue Heron, White phase
Great Blue Heron, White phase

Keep a sharp eye out for potential danger


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~Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge~

colors of the sea

aqua, blue, white and green

embraces reality

Beach located on the Intracoastal Canal near Hobe Sound, Florida
Beach located on the Intracoastal Canal in Hobe Sound, Florida
Mangroves on the Beach
Mangroves on the Beach
Hobe Sound Wildlife Refuge located right on the Intracoastal Canal
Hobe Sound Wildlife Refuge located right on the Intracoastal Canal

We visited the Hobe Sound Wildlife Refuge and Nature Center, which is located about two miles from Jonathan Dickinson State Park. We hiked the trails, walked on the beach and toured the Nature Center. We observed a Bald Eagle, Osprey and other birds. Here are two full time residents. I wasn’t able to learn exactly what happened to these two beauties, because the person that cares for¬†them at the center was out of the building. It appears they might have broken wings.¬†

Red-tail Hawk
Red-tail Hawk
Barred Owl
Barred Owl. One day I hope to see this beautiful owl in the wild. I don’t know how long I stood there looking at these two.

Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge, was established September 30, 1969. It is a coastal refuge bisected by the Indian River Lagoon into two separate tracts of land totaling over 1000 acres. The 735 acre Jupiter Island tract provides some of the most productive sea turtle nesting habitat in the United States, and the 300 acre sand pine scrub mainland tract is valued because more than 90 percent of this community type has been lost to development in Florida. Sand pine scrub habitat is restricted only to Florida and an adjacent county in Alabama.

Learn more about the Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge here: http://www.fws.gov/hobesound/


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"Who Cooks for You"
“Who Cooks for You”

Have a Hoot!









~Bird Life at the Beach-Royal Tern~

Hobe  Sound, Florida Beach
Hobe Sound, Florida Beach

A few days ago, I spent a few hours walking on the beach at Hobe Sound, Florida. I ¬†couldn’t wait to sink my toes into the warm sand.

Happiness is feeling the ocean breeze on my skin; the sight of the sky, water and sand as they kiss each other in harmony; and observing the gorgeous shore birds as they search for food fighting against the power of this environment.

We have arrived back on the east coast of Florida staying at Jonathan Dickinson State Park near Hobe Sound, Florida. The beach at Hobe Sound is only four miles away from camp and I look forward to many more beach treks.

"You ate that already?"
“You ate that already?”
"Now you want more?"
“Now you want more?”
This Royal Tern said, "who put this thing on my leg?"
This Royal Tern said, “who put this thing on my leg?”


While hiking in Jonathan, I have had the pleasure of seeing the beautiful Florida Scrub Jay!

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Great Black Backed Gull, Ring Billed Gull, Willet, Sanderling, Ruddy Turnstone and more


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~Love and A Tiny Bird Running to Survive~


sky so blue

sunlight casting soft hues

hand in hand, yours in mine

walking along the shoreline

my heart sings, we knew

I was the one for you


Footprints in the sand
Hobe Sound Beach
Hobe Sound Beach
A breathtaking shoreline


The Atlantic Ocean, changes color, almost instantly.

The sun and its light, play a lead part in determining these colors.

The weather plays a huge roll in creating its moods.

The wind, the master, shape the waves pounding the shore.

The rise and fall of the sea, caused by the effects of the moon and the sun (gravitational forces) create the tides. Its vibe!

All life, along the shoreline, are dependent on these forces, creating the right combination for existence.


A Sanderling, hunting for food along the shoreline and competing with dozens more that wanted the tiny morsel she was able to catch.

To me the out of focus¬†(with one tinted)¬†photos below, showcase the ocean’s vibe and its mighty forces.

Running from the surf
Hunting, running to survive

We have enjoyed the four mile drive to this beach, while visiting Hobe Sound, Florida. A breathtaking beach, quite, clean and teaming with life’s energy. Wednesday, we leave the¬†serenity of the ocean behind.

Run! Run to survive and enjoy each day!

~A little privacy please!~


they perform a beautiful dance

to preserve their species for all to see

they sit as sentinels high in the trees 

and hunt for food out of the sea


I captured these photos while on our boat ride Saturday.

These are not sharp photos, but I show them to you so you can see a pair of Osprey doing what is necessary to preserve their species.  

"Thinking about it"
“Thinking about it”
"I'am coming to see you"
“I’am coming to see you”
In a hurry!
He appears to be in a hurry!
Like a beautiful dance!
A beautiful dance is performed!
Joy with success!
"I'll be back"
“I’ll be back”
She stayed in this position for several seconds. Why?
She appears grateful!
She stayed in this position for several seconds. Why?
"My job is complete"
“My job is complete”


This is a different Osprey pair from my previous post. This pair was further away and higher up.

Aren’t they beautiful?