9 thoughts on “~From my nest to yours~”

    1. 🙂 no worries LuAnn! It is always nice to hear from you! Yes, Howard and I had a very quiet Easter. I hope yours was wonderful. I have been following your travels and I wish you both tremendous joy. One day we will make it to Alaska!
      We are back at home and I hope to join a Pickle
      Ball Class at our local center. I just hope I can play!

      1. LuAnn, you won’t believe what I did today – I signed up for a pickleball class at our Community Center/Gym, etc. I was the last person to make the class. The customer service lady stated “Gee, pickle ball is really taking off here.” (meaning in Colorado) We will learn the rules ,play I guess and the class will take place inside the large gym.

        I wonder if we will ever have outside courts? I will let you know how my class goes, it begins this Sunday.

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