~Sandwich Tern



Whats on your mind little tern, 

standing at water’s edge in the early morning light,

as you watch the gulf waters churn. 

With waves pounding the shore, 

luring you with its rhymed verse, 

hunger and fading light brings signs of yore.



Back in October, 2014…

As I walked along the shore, hoping to watch the sunrise, I came upon this Sandwich Tern. He, just like me, was all alone on this particular morning and together we watched the day begin.

I think this is an adult non-breeding bird. Notice the yellowish bill tip.
Enjoying an early morning bath in the Gulf
Enjoying an early morning bath in the Gulf
Sandwich Tern
Jumped right in.
This Sandwich Tern gave me a gift on this morning; he was number 375.

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13 thoughts on “~Sandwich Tern”

    1. Hi Carol, I took this phone back in October, 2014 when we were camping at Fort DeSota County Park, near St Petersburg, Florida. Thanks for the comment.

      Hope you and himself are doing well and narrowing down where you want to call home. Happy house hunting! Stay well and have fun!

  1. Those are such good photos. So good that I am able to see that your Sandwich Tern is what we in the UK call Cabot’s Tern, a slightly smaller race of our own North Atlantic Sandwich Tern. I’m looking forward to seeing them returning North any day now.

    1. Hi Phil I am so glad you enjoyed viewing my photos and seeing the likeness to your Cabots. Please stop by again and Happy Birding!! Hoping you see all the migrating birds back!

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