~Poetry, In Between the Seasons

Cold winds blow, snow piles high,
winter won’t let go,
at the door spring,
won’t plow through,
in between the seasons.

Winter has grabbed my ankle,
spring has ahold of my hand,
I am teetering,
in between the seasons.

Piles of clothes adorn a chair,
light weight, heavy weight,
socks galore,
all worn in a single day,
in between the seasons.

Until one leaves,
and the other one arrives,
I am perplexed and,
can’t sit in my chair,
in between the seasons.

Not complaining maybe a little,
should not,
winter will fade away
spring will be bold
alas in between no more.

For now,
I am,
in between
the seasons.

2 thoughts on “~Poetry, In Between the Seasons”

    1. Good Morning Pam! I hope you are having great weather and getting in lots of hikes. I have been following your adventures!!

      I was just outside putting out birdseed and was thinking what a beautiful day we have here in the Colorado Rockies this morning. It rained again overnight, but we have clear blue skies and plenty of sunshine this morning.

      My melancholy might be subsiding. Lol

      Yesterday, I was looking at the rocking chair in our bedroom and seeing nothing but clothes. You get up in the morning and it is cold, it warms up during the day and then it gets cold again – too much clothes changing. 😜

      I will write something today about my second Pickleball class yesterday. I could be addicted!!

      Enjoy your day, wishing you cool and sunny days.

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