~Hurry up Spring, we’re waiting!


I took these photos last year on May 4, 2014. The beautiful Western Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly was enjoying nectar from a tree in our yard. This May 4th is very different!

Today, it has been rainy and cool; I feel as if Spring hasn’t arrived yet in northern Colorado. We have had lots of rain, which is good, but it brings cool, gloomy days. Our flowering trees haven’t bloomed, the sumacs are just starting to leaf out and I haven’t seen any butterflies.

We arrived back home in early April and discovered that we had lost a few of our trees and shrubs – a Radiant Crabapple and a Cherry tree. These two trees were planted many, many years ago, have bloomed every year to our delight and to the delight of many species of bird, butterfly and honey bee. I am truly saddened by, losing them.

They died over the winter, we are guessing, due to lack of moisture, but not sure. We have noticed, driving around town, that many of the local pine trees have died. Luckily, none of our pines seem to have been affected by the weather conditions of this past winter.

On a happier note we have many birds visiting our yard and especially enjoying some of the birdbaths we keep filled for them. One of the birdbaths we can see from our dining table and early each morning, while drinking coffee, we are entertained by many of them taking a bath.

It is funny to observe the different techniques each species of bird seems to have for bathing (not sure if this extends to individual birds). The American Robin will jump right in, splash and splash until we think all the water has been emptied out; the Western Scrub Jay will jump in, splash a couple of times, hop out and up on a branch in a big Blue Spruce where it sits for a few seconds and then repeats its’ steps; the Black-headed Chickadee, with sit on the rim of the birdbath, look around for quite awhile and then deciding it is safe will jump in where it splashes around giving itself a really good bath.

I few of the migrating birds I can’t wait to see each spring are back – the Townsend Solitary, Western Kingbird, Bullock’s Oriole, Lazuli Bunting, White-crowned Sparrow just to list a few. I haven’t seen any Hummingbirds yet. Hopefully, I will capture a few photos of them.

Speaking of migrating, we are enjoying being back home and have settled into our “being home” routines. This past Sunday, I completed a four week Pickleball class, which I truly enjoyed and I look forward to playing the game during the next several months. I have been buying a few house plants and can’t wait to start planting in my flower gardens (when it warms up enough).

Howard has been having fun with electronic projects (building things using Arduino micro-controllers) and enjoying his Ham Radio.  We walk the “girls” two miles everyday and go to the gym three/four times a week, so hopefully we will keep fit!

Just a few rambling notes on this 4th day of May. Hurry up Spring, we’re waiting!

I hope, wherever you might be, you are enjoying your Spring!

6 thoughts on “~Hurry up Spring, we’re waiting!”

  1. Our spring in Camp Verde, AZ is very green Sheila. We have enjoyed hikes thru canyons and over red rock formations. But as with most spring weather, it has been quite rainy. Just settled into another couple of rainy days here…of course the Tan Clan is happy to have us home!

    1. We woke up this morning to FOG. It was so heavy we couldn’t see across the road. It has rained all day and is still raining.

      Isn’t it funny how our four-legged friends enjoy just being with us. I went out to lunch today with a friend and when I got back, my two girls acted like I had been gone a year. Howard was home and he said they stayed by the front door.

      You guys are enjoying your time in Camp Verde! Happy Hiking and Jeeping!

  2. Watching the weather this morning, Colorado and Utah seem to be experiencing similar weather. Potential storms make hiking and driving on dirt roads very difficult. We have storm chances every single day in our eleven day visit! It is good that Colorado is getting more snow but it needed to do this many months ago. So sorry you lost two flowering trees. It takes so long to replace them. Hope spring arrives soon. We are heading into Colorado in two weeks. Hope it warms up:)

  3. I am glad you aren’t heading to Colorado this week. Hopefully, in two weeks we will be back to normal middle May weather, which is very nice! What area of the state are you heading to? Are yawl heading back east for the summer?

  4. So sorry to hear you lost some trees while you were gone. Hopefully spring will be there soon! And I can relate to how it feels to be back home after an extended trip. It always takes me a while to get back into the routine of being back home.

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