~Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate

The  Daily Post – Photo Challenge – Week of May 2, 2015 – “Intricate.

Hubby and I like to hike and on occasion we come across a Golden Orb Spider. They create a huge and intricate web.

Banana Spider
This photo was taken at Lake Louisa State Park, near Clermont, Florida.
A Side View
These two photos were taken at Ray Roberts State Park near Dallas, Texas

Golden Orb

The following photos are Milkweed Seeds. I took these photos while visiting a local park where I live. I think they have an interesting and intricate form.

Bursting Milkweed Pod
Bursting Milkweed Pod
It looks like the silk from a spiders web.
It looks like the silk from a spider’s web.

The featured image is a photo I took at another local park located off Highway 34 as you would travel west from Loveland to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. It is early morning rain drops on a spider’s web. The header photo are two Lady Bugs doing what they do to create more Lady Bugs! Photo taken in my yard.

I hope you enjoy my Intricate photos.

14 thoughts on “~Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate”

  1. Intricate, for sure…also, amazing, wonderous, and inspiring just to name a few! Sure does motivate me to learn more about my camera! I am just blown away Sheila!

    1. You are so sweet and kind! I appreciate your words! I hope you, hubby and the Tan Gang are doing well and I know you are having much more fun than me. We have been doing some spring cleaning around here – in the house mostly. I am still waiting for spring to kick in so I can start planting some flowers. Take care and have fun!!

  2. The Golden Garden Spider is my favorite… I love the zigzag web that I come across at times. Now… your photos make me want to get good enough with my own shots to get such good detail. Hmmmm… a challenge for this summer?

    1. Hi Sharon, this spider is a beauty and the web is amazing. Good luck this summer taking photos and most of all ENJOY! Thanks for stopping by.

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