~The Simple Things in Life

Mehaffey Park History
Mehaffey Park History

A dear friend treated me to a belated birthday lunch today. She picked up bagel sandwiches from Einstein Bagels, which included a bowl of fruit and a dill pickle. All were yummy! We met at one of the picnic shelters at Mehaffey Park; Loveland’s brand new park. (Read about the history of Mehaffey Park from the sign above and note the request from the family.)

While waiting for Gale to arrive, I met a guy and his seven month old Sheba Inu puppy. Needless to say the puppy was adorable. A happy little guy, because he gets to walk to the park from his house everyday.

A lady came along and sat down at another picnic table, soon she came over to our table and sat down with Jeff and I. Of course she had to pet the puppy.  She told me she knew me from somewhere. After a few tries to figure out from where, we came to the conclusion it was from playing Pickleball! Jackie sat and talked with us until her friend Robin arrived along with Pebbles her Chihuahua dog.

I have never met Robin before, nor Jeff, but might see them again sometime at the park. I met Jackie and her husband playing Pickleball several weeks ago. I will see Jackie in the morning on the Pickleball court beginning at 7:30am.

From our picnic table, looking west, Gale and I could see Long and Meeker Peaks in the distance. Brilliant blue skies dotted with white clouds leading the way as we gazed upon these beautiful peaks.

Mehaffey Park with Long and Meeker Peaks in the distance.
Mehaffey Park with Long and Meeker Peaks in the distance. Photo taken on a cloudy day, not today.

I could hear Canada geese down by the pond talking among themselves, perhaps deciding when to head south for the winter. Not far away, pure joy in the form of giggles, floated in the air from kids enjoying their new playground.

I appreciate these kind of days – lunch with a dear friend, meeting new people, all while enjoying the sights and sounds of nature in a beautiful place called Loveland, Colorado.

View from Mehaffey looking west. We live on that hill.
View from Mehaffey looking west. Notice the hill dotted with houses, we live on that hill!

Thanks Gale for lunch, I enjoyed it very much!

Enjoy the Simple Things in Life!

11 thoughts on “~The Simple Things in Life”

    1. Hi Gay! Thank you for wishing me a Happy Birthday. August is a big month for us. My bday is the 4th, Howard’s is the 24th and we were married on the 9th. Everything in August.

      Loveland is a beautiful town, growing too much we feel, but a very nice place to live. It is very much an artsy town known for all its foundries. I keep saying I am going to spend time capturing all the beautiful art in the area. This task is on my list of things to do.

      We have the plains to the east of us and the Rockies to the west. Rocky Mountain National Park is about 31 miles away from us.

      Hope you guys are enjoying Moab!!

  1. Ahhhh Sheila ~ you are too kind! We have both been so busy that it is always lovely to see you and ‘catch up’ a bit. Great idea to meet at this new & beautiful park! (Picnics are the best!) It will now have to take the place of Viestenz-Smith Mountain Park which we lost in the Sept 2013 flood. Jeff’s little Sheba was just adorable!
    Happy Belated Birthday & Anniversary last week.
    Luv U my dear friend!

    1. Hi Sylvia! Thank you kindly for my bday wishes. Northern Colorado is beautiful, most all of the state is beautiful. Hope you get to visit one day! Take care and I will chat with you again soon.

  2. Happy birthday! Yes, it’s the simple things that matter. Sometimes we take where we live for granted and getting out and enjoying the area is a great way to spend the day!

    1. Beth, thanks so very much for your wishes! I appreciate all your comments!! Yes, you are correct, we can enjoy our own hometown if we just take the time to look! Hopefully, I really need to post more photos of Loveland!! Hope you are enjoying your summer!

    1. Thank you Arlene! I missed you this morning at Pickleball. It was hot and felt humid out there. On Saturday, beginning at 8:00 till 9:00am, I will be attending a Yoga class outside at Mehaffey! I enjoy Yoga and have never experienced a class outside. It should be beautiful facing the mountains. Hopefully, after this class is over I can head over to the PB courts.

      Will you be there?

  3. Thanks so much, Sheila, for remembering our anniversary:) Since our anniversary is in the summer, we often forget and miss it. For so many years now we have been traveling in the summer and we lose track of the dates. As a matter of fact, we forgot yesterday til last evening:) We had been with friends all day and never gave it a thought. Haha!

    There was something so beautiful in your writing today. Such a simple day but I found a calmness in your words as you retold the events. Isn’t it interesting how being in a park sets a certain atmosphere. People are always smiling and very friendly. Sounds like you had a great birthday outing chatting with new and old friends. Loveland is a beautiful area:)

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