~Photo Essay-RMNP “An Artsy Collection”

As promised, a few more photos from my Sunday excursion to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Surviving Fall Winds
Inviting Shadow Patterns
Life Among the Charred Remains
Willows Dressed for Fall
Elk Scared Aspens
Oxbows Nearly Dry
Oxbows Nearly Dry
Trapped Until Spring
Sun Kissed

Featured Image (above)- “A Forgotten Treasurer”

9 thoughts on “~Photo Essay-RMNP “An Artsy Collection””

  1. RMNP is such an awesome place; but we must, MUST plan to meet up at Mesa Verde; you will have many, many photo opportunities. We’ll talk about and set up a “trip”; Colorado has so many unique and fabulous features. What a gorgeous state; one of our very favorite states in all our travels. There is no end to the beauty of Colorado! k

  2. I was just there the week of the 20th. How I love that place! it is strange to see the changes that the 2013 flood has wrought. Still, there is beauty all around and you have captured it well! Being there made me want to move back!

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