~I’am a Cancer Survivor

This morning we took Kloud to Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital for her fourth and final chemo treatment. We left her in good hands. The Veterinarian staff began her treatment with an ultra-sound, a chest x-ray and blood work.
We waited nervously and patiently for the phone call telling us what they discovered. The call came a couple of hours later. Cloud’s ultra-sound and chest x-ray were clear, good, fine…….
The blood work indicated a slightly low white blood cell count, but they decided to go ahead with the chemo treatment.
We picked her up a short time ago. Kloud pranced out of the Oncology Department wearing the CSU green “I’am a Cancer Survivor” bandana! It was a very happy moment.
Hugs all around! The Vet and Staff that were assigned to her, even had tears in their eyes.

Nothing but praise for the CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital and all their passionate and dedicated staff!!

A little tired from her experience today. But, happy to be home enjoying the cool, fresh air from her favorite observation place. She sits on her deck looking out over Loveland.
Our beautiful, cancer free, eleven year old!

A little tired from her experience today, but happy to be home enjoying the cool, fresh air from her favorite  place.

She sits on her deck looking out over Loveland and we hope for many more years!

18 thoughts on “~I’am a Cancer Survivor”

  1. Hi Sheila,

    So glad that Kloud is through with her treatments and doing so well Such good news. She really is beautiful. Those vet schools can be wonderful. The University of AZ is finally getting one, and it’s going to be right here in Oro Valley.

    Best wishes always to you and Howard.


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    1. Hello Julie! Great news on the building of a Vet School in Oro Valley! I am sure the facility and the staff will be phenomenal! CSU Vet Hospital is amazing.

      Glad to hear from you; seems like a long time since we have chatted. I hope your summer was a fun one. What are your plans for the winter? Of course in your beautiful and mild area it is always best to stay there.

      We are getting ready to head out; going south/east again!

      Hugs to you and McKenna!

  2. Love the results of her therapy! She is a beauty, and such a brave girl. Sending you and Howard love and joy.

    1. Anne Marie, it is so wonderful to hear from you. You are truly missed! I was showing a friend your quilt yesterday; she liked it very much.
      I hope Washington State is treating you well!

      Love and Joy to you!

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