~Amarillo will be our home for a few days


It has been a long day….

The Ford Dealer in Canyon is telling us the parts to fix the power steering need to be ordered. It will be Friday before they receive them. We might just be in Amarillo through the weekend. Who knows!

Today, we rented a car so we could go to the grocery and hopefully tomorrow do some sightseeing of the area. Today, the weather wasn’t good for being outside too long, extremely breeze.

A few photos from yesterday….

I stood in one area yesterday taking photos as we waited for the tow truck. Breathing in fresh air I tried to relax, and to remind myself that we only lost steering wheel fluid, nothing else. Inconvenience, lost time, a missed opportunity and perhaps a little frustration are all part of experiencing everyday life.

Nature has a way of calming…

Gazing across this beautiful landscape helped put things into perspective. As I walked a short distance down a path, a covey of quail flew into the air trying to escape, to them, an unknown intrusion. This common occurrence, made me smile.

It was getting late in the day and the light was changing; it must be gorgeous to watch the setting sun with its soft light play across these red rocks. It would have been fun to capture a few photos from the ridge top looking down into the canyon. Sights we wouldn’t see nor capture this time..




There isn’t much variety in these photos, but it was fun taking them.

12 thoughts on “~Amarillo will be our home for a few days”

  1. Sorry, to hear about the extended breakdown. Moe and I have had our share of breakdowns and feel your pain. ” Enjoy the moment” is what I keep saying to myself and “I hope to god this doesn’t cost to much”.

    1. Arlene, that is a good thing to say to yourself! Today, when I found out what the Amarillo bill is going to be, it was hard to enjoy anything. 😜We paid to have it fixed before we left and it was just a small leak!

      Good thing we don’t have paid reservations until 12/02!

      I hope you and Moe are having good times at home, enjoying the grandkids! Stay warm and I will try not to blow away!

    1. We just might, you never know! How are you? Miss seeing and chatting with you!! Hope your days are creative!

      Texas is a big state and I think one can find beauty in most places. We really like what is called the Texas Hill Country, south/western part.
      Maybe one day a rode trip to Texas just might happen! 💜❤️💙❣

    1. Good Morning Beth, we are going to try. I wish it was good weather and the time of year to visit the botanical gardens! Have a fun day! Hugs to you❣

    1. Hi Ingrid! No they aren’t, we haven’t experienced one on the road until this one, so we are thankful. Hope you are enjoying AZ with the family! Hugs❣

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