~”When that sun is high in that Texas Sky” – It is time to leave Amarillo

November, 13, 2015
Copper Breaks State Park
Quanah, TX
2 nights, Site 22

How many country and western songs would you guess have been written about Amarillo? I don’t know, but there are several. One of the most famous is Amarillo by Morning, which has been recorded by many artists including George Strait.  And, why is it stuck in my head? Read these lyrics and it will be stuck in yours!

Amarillo by Morning

By George Strait

Amarillo by mornin’
Up from San Antone
Everything that I got
Is just what I’ve got on

When that sun is high in that Texas sky
I’ll be buckin’ at the county fair
Amarillo by mornin’
Amarillo, I’ll be there

They took my saddle in Houston
Broke my leg in Santa Fe
I lost my wife and a girlfriend
Somewhere along the way

But I’ll be lookin’ for 8 when they pull that gate
And I hope that judge ain’t blind
Amarillo by mornin’
Amarillo’s on my mind

Amarillo by mornin’
Up from San Antone
Everything that I got
Is just what I’ve got on

I ain’t got a dime but what I got is mine
I ain’t rich but Lord I’m free
Amarillo by mornin’
Amarillo’s where I’ll be

Amarillo by mornin’
Amarillo’s where I’ll be

Thursday evening we receive a phone call from the Ford Dealership in Canyon, TX letting us know our car is ready. Just like that our plans change; we will have to visit the Amarillo Botanical Gardens and see the Christmas lights another time.

Friday morning was hectic, up early, on the road to Canyon with the rental car to pick up our car, back to Amarillo to drop off the rental car, and then back to the RV Park to get the coach ready to pull out before eleven o’clock. We made it!

We decided to travel to Copper Breaks State Park in Quanta, TX and stay Friday and Saturday night. We visited this park once before and enjoyed staying here. We arrived at Copper Breaks early in the afternoon and after getting settled in our site we enjoyed a walk and a sunset.

Copper Breaks State Park
Sun starting to set


The sounds of Amarillo…..trains, planes, helicopters and eighteen wheelers, were becoming unpleasant. All sounds we could hear from our site at Amarillo Ranch RV Park.

Perhaps this is why so many country songs have been written about Amarillo, to simply drown out the noise with music.

Or it could be Amarillo rhymes with a lot of words!

Today was peaceful, quite, un-crowded, with dark (I mean dark) skies.

Wonderful, Beautiful, We are happy!

Hope your day was grand.

5 thoughts on “~”When that sun is high in that Texas Sky” – It is time to leave Amarillo”

  1. Yay! So happy you got your car back and are on the road again. We really enjoyed our stay at Copper Breaks in 2011. We asked one of the rangers about seeing the Longhorns so he let us know when they called them in for water. I got to feed and pet a couple of them and the ranger gave one a Longhorn Kiss!

    About that song…Now I will have it going through my head all day! It was on my playlist that I played last spring as we traveled around Texas.

    1. Thanks Beth for the tip about seeing the Longhorns. We took a ride to the ranger station. Every Friday and Saturday at 2:00pm they go feed and water these beauties! We got to see them today, up close and personal.

      HeeHee, sorry about the song!

    1. Hi Pam! Are you enjoying your travels? Hot Springs, I think? Yes, there is joy is leaving the noise behind, especially if you are not use to it! We like our peace and quite! Just like your neighbor – Lewis!! {grins}

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