~Sandhill Crane Pair

This beautiful Sandhill Crane pair are hanging out in Jonathan Dickinson State Park. They graze in the grassy areas near the Loxahatchee  River. I was lucky to photograph them just after days of heavy rain, which created pools of water.

I hope you enjoy my photos; I sure enjoyed taking them.

“I love my mate, I cross my heart!”














9 thoughts on “~Sandhill Crane Pair”

  1. We love our Cranes; even the wild racket they make flying or agitated. You leave a little too early to see the fuzzy chicks and I would so much like for you to see and photograph the chicks!!! They are so gangly and adorable! Ma and Pa Crane are super protective of the 1 or 2 chicks they create. It’s so beautiful to see! k

    1. Hi Karla, I sure do wish I could see the chicks! That would be “cool beans” as my blog friend Judy says! You are lucky to get to see them year round.

      Whoa, Happy 90th Birthday to your Mom!! Give her a hug for me!
      Love, S (see you soon)

    1. Hi Gay!
      One day, I watched them doing their “mating” dance. Eating, then going toward each other, jumping in the air, screaming and then just going back to eating!
      The next day, I went to see if I could capture this behavior on video. I parked the car, had my 600mm lens, Canon 70D that allows video; put a piece of noodle (form) on the window, put my camera on it and waited.

      Waited. Waited some more…..

      No such luck, all they did was eat! ;-(

      Hope you and Joe are doing well!!

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