~At the end of this road…

At the end of this road sits a picnic table. Over the last few years while visiting JDSP, it has been a destination at the end of the day. This picnic table is old, weathered and scarred.

On many occasions we have enjoyed sitting at this table absorbing the beauty of our surrounding. Other times we have shared pleasant conversation or sat in silence awed by the fact that we were, well, just sitting here.

The girls know, when we reach the picnic table to jump up on its top. They will sometimes lay down, themselves enjoying the peacefulness of the area. Other times they are on alert, looking for some small critter they hear, that we don’t, rustling around in the Palmettos.

Sheila, Skye, Howard and Kloud
Old, weathered and scarred, but still functional. Perhaps just like us.

This year I noticed an addition; a brand new picnic table. I don’t like it for some reason; it is a replacement? I have to wonder what will happen to “our” old, weather and scarred table where we have created fond memories of being together.

I hope this old, weathered and scarred picnic table continues to sit right where it is; this table is one of my favorite places to reflect at the end of the day, and to view amazing sunsets. The new picnic table belongs to others, not us. It simply wouldn’t be the same.

I took these photos on December 15, 2015, standing on top of “my” table.






 I hope you enjoy them!



5 thoughts on “~At the end of this road…”

  1. Oh wow Shelia!! They photos are stunning.
    It sounds like s very serene place!
    I so enjoy reading your blog. Have you written any books?? You sure have the talent!

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