~For Beth and Pam-Myakka River State Park


This tells us, some of the park buildings were build during 1934-1941.

IMG_6070This tells us,the park was established in 1935 and 1,920 acres were donated by the Palmer family.

Notice the photo of the plaque above, it is attached to these old log buildings, currently being used as a restroom and a picnic pavilion. Again, letting people know when and by whom these building were constructed. Right behind these building is the river and some people choose to launch their kayaks there.

There is a small room attached to the open, covered, picnic pavilion that houses a  fireplace.  Benches are placed around the room for people to sit on while enjoying the fire.

One cool morning while on a walk, we discovered that a fire had been started, and it was nice to stand there for a few minutes gazing into the flames. The last photo above is an outdoor amphitheater.

Lots of paths in the park to choose from. On this day a walk through moss covered oaks and palms, some covered with ferns.

Also, while out walking the paths, you are guaranteed to see Black and Turkey Vultures, and Herons fishing along the banks of the Myakka River.


The sites in the Palmetto Ridge area at Myakka River State Park are all full hook-up, some are pull-through, some are back-in, and even a few are drive-in, such as the empty one above. There are two bath houses, both with washers and dryers. All roads in Palmetto Ridge are paved, all sites are gravel. And, when it rains really, really hard, like it did on Friday, you will have your very own pond!


This state park is unique and gorgeous. A lot of people come to see the alligators; I come to see the birds and the sunsets. Each of us have their own reasons for wanting to walk along the Myakka River.


I took the photo of this gator while standing on a bridge looking down at him.




6 thoughts on “~For Beth and Pam-Myakka River State Park”

  1. What fun I had catching up. Somehow I missed the two posts before this one. You know I love the birds and you sure have some beauties. I also love the old oak trees covered in the resurrection fern…what a great relationship they have.

    Myakka SP and River looks like a great place to explore!

  2. Thank you for the tour! It looks so peaceful and very well maintained. I love the old CCC buildings and it is always interesting to read the history of the park. We won’t be able to visit there this year but it is on my list for the future.

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