Northern Mockingbird-a Tanka


atop a bush he sits

his gaze speaks to me

we share a note

through my lens I see

a twinkle in his golden eye


Atop a bush he sits…
A twinkle in his golden eye…

I captured these photos on January 6, 2016 while visiting Myakka River State Park. I captured a Mockingbird at this very spot last year; I wonder if it is the same bird.

2 thoughts on “Northern Mockingbird-a Tanka”

    1. Hi Gay! Our weather this winter has been rainy! It is raining as I type this note to you. We have had some nice days, but a lot of rain!

      I hope your temperatures warm up so you can enjoy being in Tucson. We just heard from our neighbors in Loveland, they are planning a move to Oro Valley!

      I enjoy seeing all your photos! 🙂

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