~Poetry-playing with,Two Word Form-Be

Be Still
Be Still

Playing with poetry: Two Worders (again from Jane at Just Another Nature Enthusiast)

Each line in the poem can contain only two  words. A separate thought about the chosen topic is expressed in each line. From- For the Love of Language;  by Nancy Lee Cecil

Similar  words that I used in Japanese Lantern Poem:


Be ready

smile, hug

be positive

enjoy life

be thankful

family, friends

be engaged

beauty, nature.


Using more words to express the same meaning:


Be ready

with a Smile and a Hug.

Be positive

always Enjoy your Life.

Be thankful

for Family and Friends.

Be engaged

in the Beauty of Nature.


5 thoughts on “~Poetry-playing with,Two Word Form-Be”

    1. Hi Gale! Thank you for your kind words! We are home, so I will be seeing you soon. Hope you are doing well, and Happy Easter. Love and hugs to you!

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