~Today’s Feathered Friend-Peek-A-B00

Great Horned Owl

This beautiful Mom has four babies to feed. What a gorgeous sight, watching this Great Horned Owl with her young. Not the best quality photos, but they give you an idea of the size of the nest, the Mom and one of her babies. Two of the four babies are much larger. I was told that she is a good Mom and is feeding all four well.

A fun morning spent with a friend taking these photos in the beautiful Colorado Rockies!

Getting sleepy
Getting sleepy
“Can you see how big I am?”

5 thoughts on “~Today’s Feathered Friend-Peek-A-B00”

  1. What a GREAT set of pictures… it reminds me of all the years spent supporting the Rocky Mountain Raptor Center. You do it such justice, Sheila! I wait anxiously for each of your posts. Keep them coming!

    1. Anne Marie, you sure did support the RMRC with all your quilt donations! I bet they miss you; I sure do! Hope all is well with you. Love you lady!

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