17 thoughts on “~The skittish Western Tanager”

    1. Beth, just like the gorgeous Painting Bunting!I have only seen it once, a couple of years ago in South Llano State Park. Hope you are having a wonderful spring!!

  1. Wow … he is a beauty. It’s the first time I’ve seen one, thanks for the photo. He sounds like my local Cardinal where he must hear me open the door quietly when I try to take his photo.

    1. Hi Steve!! Great to hear from you. How are those hounds?!?! Yes, this guy is very skittish. Some birds aren’t like my Scrub Jays, which I can walk right up to. I don’t get to see the Northern Cardinal here in Colorado, only when we travel south. Wishing you continued success with those basset hound skin problems.

    1. Anne Marie! I hope you are having a great spring! It is just now seemingly turning into a nice spring here. Love and hugs to you!

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