~Hawk on Howard’s Antenna

Cold and snowy in Loveland, Colorado…

Current temperature, five degrees. Low tonight  -14. It snowed all day yesterday leaving us with about five inches of new snow.

While out shoveling the driveway, Howard spotted this beautiful Red-tailed Hawk sitting on his ham antenna.

I had just walked under the Hawk while clearing spots, in the back yard, to place bird seed. I didn’t see this beauty until Howard said, “Look at my antenna!”. I thought I was going to see broken wires when I looked up.

No wonder I didn’t see any birds anywhere in the yard, and haven’t for the last hour or so.

I think he is watching me.
Didn’t really seem to be bothered with me taking his photo from the driveway.


6 thoughts on “~Hawk on Howard’s Antenna”

    1. Yep, I bet he was as well. Great opportunity with me tempting them with bird feeding. At night we can hear the Great Horned Owls in our yard. I bet they aren’t looking for birds. 😦
      One of our doggies doesn’t like the sound of an owl’s hoot!

  1. What a great photo & the opportunity to see such a marvelous wonder of nature! -14 is pretty low. That’s a world of difference if y’all had been on your normal eastern travels. So y’all going West, huh? We should talk soon.

    1. Hi Lou! It is currently 13 degrees. Yes, it sure has been cold with very low overnight temps and snow. No, we aren’t going west. We were going to AZ before going south (your way) but had to cancel. If we get to travel it will be south!

      Thanks for your comment! Love you guys!

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