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~Hawk on Howard’s Antenna

Cold and snowy in Loveland, Colorado…

Current temperature, five degrees. Low tonight Ā -14. It snowed all day yesterday leaving us with about five inches of new snow.

While out shoveling the driveway, Howard spotted this beautiful Red-tailed Hawk sitting on his ham antenna.

I had just walked under the Hawk while clearing spots, in the back yard, to placeĀ bird seed. I didn’t see this beautyĀ until Howard said, “Look at my antenna!”. I thought I was going to see broken wires when I looked up.

No wonder I didn’t see any birds anywhere in the yard, and haven’t for the last hour or so.

I think he is watching me.
Didn’t really seem to be bothered with me taking his photo from the driveway.


~Look Mom its snowing

We woke up this morning to sleet that quickly turned into snow. It has been snowing all dayĀ with temperatures hovering aroundĀ 33 degrees. The forecast calls forĀ one to three inches of snow for our area of Colorado. We do need the moisture.

Dove trying to stay warm.
Dove trying to stay warm.
Looking down into our front yard from the deck.
Looking down into our front yard from the deck.
Stretching its wing.
Stretching its wing.
No takers, as yet, on the peanuts.
No takers, as yet, on the bird feeder filled with peanuts. However the Scrubs will be along.
Western Scrub looking down at me.
Western Scrub looking down at me. Photo taken yesterday.

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