~Birding in Texas

~April 7, 2017 near Beaumont, Texas

Birding, one of my favorite hobbies, can be enjoyed just about anywhere. All you need is a pair of binoculars and if you like a birding book to help you identify what birds you are spotting. It is a good way to get in some hiking as well.

When traveling across Texas it isn’t difficult to find interesting, diverse and beautiful, birding spots.

Great Egret (flyover with nesting material)

High Island, Texas not far from Beaumont, is world renowned for its birding especially during migration periods. I love to visit Smith Oaks Santuary to see what is going on. And, this time of year it is a busy place!

You can read about the birding opportunities in this area at the web-site below.


I was able to capture this Great Egret flying over the rookery carrying nesting material. His nest sitting mate was patiently waiting for him to bring her this gift.

A pretty big stick.


Notice he has the main branch of the stick and the smaller branch in his bill. Doesn’t want to drop it after all his work on finding it.


I didn’t see where he finally landed with his prize.


What a beauty, with his colorful, breeding face.

I was using my Tamron 600mm lens, Canon 70D camera on a tripod. These two birds are males.

We are staying at Hidden Lake RV Park. It is a very nice RV park located off of I-10 on the west side of Beaumont. We have enjoyed walks around the lake several times. From here we can easily drive to High Island and are just 4 miles from Cattail Marsh (more on this lovely birding spot later).

Happy Birding!

Gorgeous mail Great Egret
Gorgeous mail Great Egret

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