~Fun at home yesterday with my camera!

~Loveland, Colorado, August, 2017

During the last few days, some hummingbirds have found their way back to our yard. I made a batch of Hummingbird syrup (4 cups of water, 1 cup of sugar) and hung the feeder. Didn’t take long for them to start their display fights over this source of food.

This behavior of fighting over the feeder is fun to watch and provides great opportunities for photos; however it is also bewildering to me. Why do they spend so much of their energy chasing each other away when all they have to do is share?

~Rufous-Hummingbird (female)

She likes to sit in the Apple tree. Here she prefers a small dead branch.

~Broad-tailed Hummingbird

Broad-tailed Hummingbird (female)
“This is my feeder. Got it!”

Always looking for in-coming rivals!


Enjoying some syrup without being harassed by bees!

Broad-tailed Hummingbird (female)

The elusive male. I will capture a better photo of you, I promise. I wasn’t fast enough to focus on him. He seems to hide on the far side of the feeder, zips in to take a few sips then zips away. He never lights on a tree branch in the yard. Just wanted to show you – he is here.

Broad-tailed Hummingbird (male)


~Western Swallowtail Butterfly

I put a little syrup in the top of the Hummingbird feeder to try and keep the Wasps and Yellow Jackets from drinking from the holes below. They harass the Hummers and were harassing this beautiful Swallowtail. It appears, from the photo below, that they are trying to sting the butterfly. Dam them!

I haven’t seen a butterfly drink from a Hummer feeder before.

Western Swallowtail

Not a real sharp shot, but it is interesting.  It decided to move down to drink from the holes, perhaps trying to get away from the bees. Notice how it is holding on to the feeder.


Notice the bee below the Swallowtail.


Something strange was happening over night. I put syrup in the feeder early each morning and the next morning it would be ALL gone. Not a drop left. I have the feeder hanging on a medal rod, which is suspended many feet off the ground. There is no way that it can be reached from the ground.

At first we thought Raccoons were somehow getting to the feeder from out deck, but since nothing else is disturbed and all the liquid is gone we now think it might be bats drinking from the feeder. That would be cool to see. We now take the feeder down every night.

~Western Cottontail

This photo speaks, peace, to me…

This little guy was sitting on a boulder in our yard looking out over Loveland.

The last couple of years have been good to the rabbits in our area. I think their natural predators, because of increased building in the surrounding areas, have moved out. We use to see coyotes and fox passing through, but haven’t in awhile. However, we do have black bear and bob cats, which causes us to put the garbage can in the garage each night. Maybe they don’t like rabbit!

Header photo: Enjoying a moment at dusk.

A fun few hours taking photos in my yard. I hope you enjoyed them.



15 thoughts on “~Fun at home yesterday with my camera!”

    1. Hi DailyMusings! Thank you so much. Yes, the butterfly drinking from the Hummer feeder was fun to see.
      A few years back I purchased a “butterfly” feeder for a few dollars I might add!!
      I think the Hummer feeder works just as well. Although, the butterfly feeder was flat perhaps giving them a better place to land.
      Take care!

  1. Yes, I did enjoy your photos. I have been watching the ruby-throated hummingbirds at our feeders all summer. I’ve got three feeders out and they still fight each other! Love the butterfly on the feeder. I’ve never seen that.

    1. Hey Beth! I was wondering what species of Hummers you were getting. I appreciate your kind words and you stopping by.
      Do you have any trips planned?

      1. Only trips we have planed are maybe a short trip to the mountains this fall and a February trip to north Florida. Until then I’ll keep the feeders filled and watch the hummingbird wars in our back yard.

  2. I always enjoy your posts, but today, the hummer group were amazing. Thanks so much, Sheila, for being such a fantastic photographer! Hope you had a wonderful birthday last week, and are enjoying your wind-down of being at home before taking off again in the fall to the south east.

    1. Hey Anne Marie! Yes, I had a wonderful birthday! I know you did as well!
      It is nice just to relax and enjoy the days, which are passing way too fast.
      I love taking photos and I so enjoy when people like to see them.
      Have you been using your camera? Remember our class up in Rocky? It was fun.
      We are doing okay for gals stuck on “The Back Nine”! Teehee

  3. Thank you for naming that butterfly. I see many of them on our daily walks but have yet to look on google images or any butterfly sites for their names. I’d like a hummingbird feeder but Sadie loves chasing birds and jumping at them. I could place the feeder high off the ground which would lead to a heavy older bloodhound of throwing her back out when jumping. It would be interesting to know or see who is finished off the syrup over night.

    1. Hi Steve! Thanks for stopping by. We haven’t discovered what was drinking the liquid out of the Hummer feeders. It has now stopped. We have three of them out now and have about six Hummers around. The Swallowtail hasn’t returned to the feeder as far as I know.
      Tell Sadie she just needs to pick a nice cool spot and watch all the bird activity! Do you think she will listen?

      1. About the time I think that is a possibility with Sadie, she sprints and chases another robin off the fence.

  4. Such fun and beauty! I so love watching the hummingbirds zip around the feeder. You captured some beautiful photos of them Sheila. I have never seen a butterfly at the hummer feeder. We have lots of butterfly bushes here. So sweet the way he was holding on…dang yellow jackets! Our yard here is full of bunnies and jack rabbits. So much fun watching them “play”. Looks like a peaceful day in the yard…

    1. Hi Gay! Nice to hear from you. I loved all your posts about your son’s visit! Yawl will make a “jeeper” out of him yet. If that is even a word or what you call one that loves to jeep. 😉

      It appears to me that you and Joe have found your “home” in Moab! I can’t even keep up with the terminology you use to explain things about the trails and/or the jeep.

      Keep having fun and “Happy trails to you”

    2. Hi Gay! Thanks for writing! It sure looks like you guys enjoyed your summer in Moab! WOW, I can’t believe the trails you guys jeep over. Not sure I could jeep these roads. Are you planning on staying in Moab? It seems like you and Joe have found your “home” there! Nice!

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