~Devil’s Backbone

~Loveland, Colorado, August, 2017

A mile to the west of us is an open space area called the Devil’s Backbone. This area is very popular with locals and visitors, offering seven miles of trail for hiking, biking, horse back riding and picnicking.  And, of course for taking photographs.

A path heading toward the unique rock formations.

For the last week or so we have had unusual rainy days. It has been nice for our dry environment turning the landscape green.

A green, lush meadow. Notice the bench for relaxing and enjoying nature.
A fallen Cottonwood Tree along the trail.
Looking west toward the Rocky Mountains
Great environment for birds and other wildlife.
Bullock’s Oriole nest hanging high in a Cottonwood tree. Good job!
I hope all the babies are somewhere else enjoying life.
A cloudy day in northern Colorado.

~Back in October, 2015, I took a night sky photograph workshop at the Devil’s Backbone. Here is the link to read about my experience.Night Sky Workshop

~Here is another one of my previous posts on the Devil’s Backbone. This one, a poetry challenge. Writing a Kyrielle-Sonnet

Enjoying Colorful Colorado!

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