~Old Folks, Old Cars & RV’s, Old Swings and an Owl

~Sunday, October 15, 2017, Enchanted Trails RV Park, Albuquerque, New Mexico

~Old Folks…

We are getting ready to leave the KOA in Colorado City, CO to travel to Albuquerque, NM. To pull out of our site we have to make a tight, left turn. There are KOA KABINS in front of us and travelers with RV’s on each side.

The senior folks next to us, on our left have a car parked in front of their coach and the car is in the road about two feet. I kept telling Howard we can’t make this left turn with their car parked where it is.

Howard states, “when we start the engine he will get the idea we are pulling out and will move his car”. I remember thinking, “I don’t think so”. Howard was able to speak with the guy and he graciously moved his car behind his coach, he had plenty of room back there.

While we continue with getting things ready to pull out,  a group of senior citizens are gathering at one of the KABINS across from us. They light a fire, set out food and chairs; they are having a great time. Someone arrives for the party and parks their car, on the road, in front of us!

I walk over to ask them if they would kindly move their car. I get a lot of stares after stating, “I would feel more comfortable when we pull out if you would move your car”. Someone tells me, “well I guess these cars aren’t as compact as they say”.  A man steps forward saying it is his car and asked me, “where would you like me to move it?”. Jeez! Anyway, he moves his car and we pull out, using all the room we needed.

~A nice ride…

We have a nice ride to Enchanted Trails, in Albuquerque, stopping for lunch at a New Mexico rest stop.

New Mexico Rest Area
New Mexico has some beautiful landscapes.

~Old Cars and RV’s…

Enchanted Trails is a nice RV park with gravel roads and sites. It is an okay location if you want to visit Albuquerque for a few days. The staff in the office are very friendly and the rate for the night was $39.00. I heard someone say the owner lowered the rate to normal one day early. Previously it was at the Balloon Festival rate of $57.00.

*From Enchanted Trails brochure:

Enchanted Trails was originally known as Hill Top Trading Post, which was built in the 1940’s to attract people traveling on Route 66. In the 1970’s it was converted into a campground. These days, on display, are several vintage cars and travel trailers.

1954 Vakashunette & 1950 Hudson Commodore
1963 Winnebago “Dot’
1974 Silver Streak “Della’
1956 Yellowstone “Geneva”

~An Owl…

Howard, Skye and I go for a late evening walk and after dropping them back at the coach, I grab my camera and set out to see what I can take photos off. I ‘am standing in front of the coach and see an owl fly into a tree. I run inside and swap my long lens and go back out to try to get some photos of this beautiful owl. He is high up on a limb with a couple of small branches in front of him. He is still perched there when I go inside for the evening, it was getting dark.

Great Horned Owl



~Old Swing…

Sitting in a peaceful area in the RV park was this old swing. and since I love to swing it looked inviting.

A Rusty Old Swing

~Old coach…

As the sun sets in the west.

~Travel plans on Monday, October 16th…

In the morning we head to Homolovi State Park in Winslow, AZ.

~On the Road and Feeling Young ~

4 thoughts on “~Old Folks, Old Cars & RV’s, Old Swings and an Owl”

  1. You’re just in front of us. Lol we are in Holbrook , NM and going to see the painted Desert at sunrise, then to Winslow to stand on the corner!! Have fun. Heading to Black Meadow Landing in Ca’

    1. When I first read your comment I thought you meant you were -in front of us-!! (Parked). Funny! Enjoy your sunrise experience, hope you see beautiful colors.

  2. Love those vintage trailers! The Silver Streak “Della” reminds me of the movie “The Long, Long Trailer”. Great capture of the owl. I’m enjoying following you along on your latest adventure.

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