~Pretty Sunset this evening

~Monday, October 16, 2017, Homolovi State Park, Winslow, AZ

We left Albuquerque around 9:00am Monday morning and headed west traveling 244 miles. The traffic along I40 was good. We stopped for fuel at Route 66 Travel Center and paid $2.719 a gallon. We noticed the further we drove along I40 the prices for fuel increased.

There are a lot of RV’s on the road; heading in all directions. Some of these were leaving the Albuquerque Balloon Festival towing their baskets. Some are heading to warmer places for the winter I’am sure.

We haven’t traveled to AZ in a very long time and are looking forward to being in its different terrain. Dressed in cooler weather clothes we arrived at Homolovi to much warmer temperatures.

I am sure people were wondering about us as they sat in their shorts watching us set up. What are these people doing dressed in long sleeve shirts and long pants? We quickly changed into shorts.  Hope it won’t be too hot for us in AZ. When the sun went down it got pretty chilly. Yay!

Site 5
Site 5

A bump along the way. When we were traveling to Albuquerque and pulled into a rest area Howard noticed a message in the Edge’s control panel. It read AWD is OFF. We arrived at Enchanted Trails and unhooked the car wanting to drive it to make sure things were okay. Well they weren’t. The car was chugging in low gear. We had to make a decision to stay in Albuquerque and find a Ford dealer or travel on to Winslow. Luckily Winslow has a Ford dealer. We called them and they said we could bring the car in Tuesday morning. So we left Albuquerque; it is so much nicer, for us, to be in a state park setting than in a commercial RV park.

Homolovi State Park is very nice. It feels like we are parked in the dessert, which we are. We have a 360 degree view of scrub grass with a few trees. Lovely! I have already seen two Roadrunners.

From the state park brochure: In the high grassland of 14th century norther Arizona, an ancient people found a home along the Little Colorado River. These people, the Hisat’sinom (known to archaeologists as the Anasazi), paused in their migrations to till the rich flood plain and sandy slopes before continuing north to join people already living on the mesas, people who are today known as the Hopi. In an effort to protect some of these sites, the Hopi people supported the idea of Homolovi State Park. The park was established in 1993. 

After setting up, we drove over to the Ford dealer for a chat and then stopped at Walmart. The car was still acting up. So Tuesday morning at 8:00am Howard will bring the car in as scheduled. Howard and I play a little game each time we visit a Walmart somewhere by rating our experience. Don’t get me wrong I love Walmart (most of the time). Well my rating for this visit was a 1 out of 5.


Our plans. We are scheduled to be at Homolovi for two nights. Worrying about the car and wondering about the repairs, I’am not sure how much of the park we will be able to enjoy. While in Winslow, we want to visit “Standing On the Corner” park and the RelicRoad Brewing Company. Our plans are to travel to the Grand Canyon on Wednesday. We will see how things go.

This evening we were treated to a spectacular sunset.

Sunset over Homolovi State Park




~On the Road, Enjoying Life

~Even with a few bumps along the way~

7 thoughts on “~Pretty Sunset this evening”

  1. Welcome to Arizona and the fantastic desert sunsets. We’ve been RVing for quite a few years now and overnight at Walmarts regularly. The only Walmart where we felt somewhat unsafe was in Winslow. So much more to that story, but suffice it to say, we do our best to buzz by Winslow without stopping 🙂

    1. Hi Ingrid! Thanks! We are glad to be back in AZ after a very long time. Hopefully, it won’t be too hot for us Colorado folks. We are enjoying the Homolovi State Park here in Winslow. I have been wondering where you will be wintering since the hurricane destroyed a lot of the Texas gulf coast. We head to the Grand Canyon in the morning.

      1. This is a beautiful time of year to visit northern AZ. It can get cold (freezing overnight) but at least you won’t have to deal with the extreme heat. It’s still crazy warm in Phx right now which is not the norm.
        I just talked to our RV park in TX and they should be up and running in the next week or so. Thus, I think we’ll still do our TX sojourn and support the community. They rely on tourism dollars. Lots of rebuilding needed. From what I hear, the birds are starting to return slowly.

        1. Hi Ingrid! Go glad you will be able to spend the winter in Texas this season. I know you love going there and taking beautiful photos of the wildlife. I sure hope the area bounces back quickly; great on supporting them! We had a wonderful time at the Grand Canyon!

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