~Birding in Arizona – American Kestrel

~Cave Creek, Cave Creek Regional Park, November, 2017


high atop a cactus

scanning surroundings for food

focused and alert


American Kestrel, male


Going for the kill.


Sure hope it wasn’t another bird. I can’t tell what it is.


Almost finished!


“Glad it wasn’t us.”

House Finch, male.


House Finch, Female

Happy Birding!

3 thoughts on “~Birding in Arizona – American Kestrel”

    1. Mona Lisa, it was like meeting an old friend when we got together! Howard and I both enjoyed meeting you and Steve. We wish you both happy travels; going places that offer new discoveries and experiences. I sure hope we get to cross paths again and ones that offer more time for doing what we both love. I will follow you guys along your journey. Remember to come check out the Loveland area. You have my number. I enjoy texting and if you do we can also text to keep in touch. Hugs!!

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