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~At the watering Hole

who knows where they’re from

north to south they come

 for food and warmth

they fly back and forth

to eat and drink

I sit and think

how lovely

and of they’re journey

~In between the lagoons in Dead Horse Ranch State Park is a grove of trees, mostly Cottonwoods. There is a watering hole there that is man-made and fed by the river. The birds flock to this area to eat and drink.

I was surprised to see this Phainopepla.


This is the first Waxwing I have seen all week.

Western Blue Birds and Cedar Waxwing


Happy Birding!


~Birds around Dead Horse Ranch State Park

Western Bluebirds

Bluebirds were everywhere. They must be flocking to migrate. It was fun watching them hunt for bugs.

Dead Horse Ranch State Park is home to the annual Friends of Verde Valley Birding Festival, which takes place in April. If you enjoy birding and are in the area then this event is worth attending. Here is a link: https://verderiver.org/birding-festival/

Throughout the year the park puts out feeding stations to attract birds. It sure makes it easy to sit on a bench and watch the birds fly in and out.


Chipping Sparrow

House Finch

Say’s Phoebe

Sorry for the quality of this photo. She was hanging around a kid’s playground in the park.


Happy Birding!

~Fall colors


once dressed in colors of gold

cottonwood trees lose their beauty to cold

to the enjoyment of everyone that passes

the sunlit water sparkles like glass


We are at Dead Horse Ranch State Park in Cottonwood, AZ. It has been cool but pleasant and the autumn colors are spectacular.

While taking a walk I came upon this gentleman enjoying some fishing. 

This person was also doing a little fishing, but his style is just a little different.

A group of Ring-necked Ducks fishing for aquatic plants and invertebrate.

A beautiful autumn day.