~Birding in Arizona – Gamble’s Quail

~Cave Creek Regional Park, Cave Creek, AZ, November, 2017







A covey of Gamble’s Quail entertained us at Cave Creek Regional Park. Most days we would count up to twenty-five birds at our site. They are gorgeous birds, fun to watch, and even more fun to photograph.

We saw them at Dead Horse Ranch State Park, but not nearly as many.

HEADER PHOTO: Sunrise at Cave Creek Regional Park

~Happy Birding~


8 thoughts on “~Birding in Arizona – Gamble’s Quail”

    1. Hi Beth! I am glad you got to see these cute birds, and understand how we can be excited about watching them. They are entertaining and very expressive. Have a wonderful day.

  1. Just as I opened your post, I looked out my window and there were at least seven female quail wandering by. What timing for this read! We have been entertained at our last three locations by large numbers of these adorable little creatures. They are such fun to watch.

    1. Pam, how cool is that! Where are the guys? I am glad to learn that these Quail are doing very well especially since they spend so much time on the ground.

      Howard and I got to meet two of your friends here at Catalina State Park – MonaLisa and Steve. After meeting them, I felt like they were old friends of ours. We enjoyed two happy hours with them. I wish MonaLisa and I could have gone birding together, but our schedule has been hectic. Hopefully, in the future our paths will cross with theirs again. One day, ours will cross!!

    1. W.H. – thanks so very much for your comment. I love capturing the eye and facial expressions of the birds. These quail do have a sweet face, and their face can be expressive. All I need is the patience to wait for it. Most times the birds are more patience than me! This week I have been trying to capture a Broad-billed Hummingbird, and I am almost out of patience. LOL

  2. Love your pictures Sheila! I’m missing the desert birds & we won’t be in Tucson until February. Aren’t MonaLiza & Steve great? I’m happy to have our “kids” flying in this Sunday, and at the same time disappointed we missed a chance to meet…

    1. Hi Gay! Thanks so much. I can imagine how you are going to miss being west. You and Joe sure seem to have made a home in UT. So wonderful that you both found and truly enjoy the hobby of jeeping. Not to mention all the friends ya’ll have made, which make it extra special.
      MonaLisa and Steve were wonderful; we enjoyed meeting them and spending a little time together.
      Enjoy your time with the family and I just know one day we will meet up somewhere. Hugs!

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