~Loveland, CO, July, 2018

Photos taken July 29th and 30th. I believe these are Rufous Hummingbirds.








I was experimenting with using Shutter priority on my Canon 70D, with a Tamron lens. I mostly always leave the camera setting on Aperture priority. I have a lot to learn about taking Hummingbird photos; it is enjoyable and a challenge.


8 thoughts on “~Hummingbirds…”

  1. Your hummingbird pictures are so vivid and clear Sheila. I have a lot to learn and am thinking about some on-line classes/tutorials to help. My pictures are always way to fuzzy…especially when I download them to the blog.

    1. Thanks Gay! I was using a tripod, which helps a lot. When I remember, I use a Remote Switch – a Canon EOS accessory, RS-60E3. I works well. It took me a long time to capture the Hummer siting in the pine tree.
      This afternoon, in the backyard, we had a male Rufous and is he gorgeous.
      Always glad to hear from you!
      Where are you now?

      1. We are heading back to Moab Sheila. Will hang out there with friends until mid November then head for Borrego Springs, San Diego, and Tucson for Dec, Jan, and Feb.

  2. Hello Sheila, I just saw your comment at Gay’s blog.
    Your hummer photos are crisp and vivid, and yes they are so tiny and challenging to get a picture of. I too still have to learn using Shutter Priority.
    If ever you come down again to the Tucson area, be sure to make a stop at Patagonia Lake State Park and at Paton Center for Hummingbirds. We were there late Feb and I saw new hummers sighting for me such as the Violet crowned hummingbird, the Magnificient Hummingbird and lots of new birds for me.

    1. Hey MonaLisa! So nice to hear from you. Thanks for your comments. This winter we are heading to Utah and then to Arizona, aren’t going south, southeast. We have reservations for DeAnza Resort in Amado, AZ and hope to visit that area extensively.
      Congratulations on seeing the hummers! I haven’t seen these two.
      Where are you guys now? Are you heading back to AZ this winter?

      1. We have stayed at De Anza Resort to be closer to Madera Canyon just for birding. And it is only 42 miles to the Paton Center of Hummingbird, which I urge you to make a day out of it to see the hummers. We will winter in Florida 🙂 and currently in Vernal, Utah.

        1. MonaLisa, thanks for the information on PCH. I am going to look up information on this center and hopefully will get to visit. I am looking forward to staying at De Anza Resort to go birding.
          Keep in touch!

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