~Cloudy and Rainy Colorado-a walk…

~July 28, 2018, Loveland, Colorado, Devil’s Backbone.

[See information here Backbone. You can view the website to see what it looks like when the sun is shining.]

Howard and I decided to take a walk this morning after breakfast. We knew the day was going to be cloudy with a chance of rain, but we headed out anyway. It has been raining in Loveland almost everyday, which is usual but welcome. Our high temperature today was forecast to be 77 degrees. Nice, cool!

Howard purchased a new camera and he wanted to try it out. It is the new Sony RX100 VI. It is very small, but powerful. I am so excited that he has once again become interested in taking photos.

I had my Cannon 70D with me and took a few photos. I just wish we would have had a little sun to show off our normally clear, blue skies.

A tiny purple flower.
Howard trying out the Sony.
Howard taking a photo of me taking a photo of him.
The Devil’s Backbone nature area.
Perhaps a blue bird house.
Just to the east and outside the boundary of the nature area is a subdivision, about eleven, big, beautiful homes sit back behind this hill. They get to enjoy the views all the time.

Our house sits to the east, about two miles down highway 34, just over the ridge you see above.

Enter a caption
Another purple flower.
Part of the Devil’s Backbone on the left.
A short walk from the car to the trail.
Walking along.
Howard’s photo, trying out the Sony.
The Backbone
Howard along the trail.
Some of the trail is rocky. Need to be very careful of rattlesnakes in this area.
More flowers.


We didn’t get to walk very far, because it started to rain and thunder so we headed to the car. People were passing us heading up the trail even though it was starting to rain. Perhaps they were tourist and didn’t know any better. Lots of open space, right at 5,000 feet, rain and thunder – hmmm.

The header photo was taken during a previous visit to this area.

Until next time…

9 thoughts on “~Cloudy and Rainy Colorado-a walk…”

  1. Wonderful photos as usual! A small camera is great… Interested to see more of his work as he gets to learn the ins & out of his new toy. Now you’ll have
    some real competition! Enjoy.

    1. Hi Lou! Howard is enjoying the Sony camera very much. We have been having cloudy skies, hopefully we will have some sunny days so we can get out soon to enjoy some photo excursions.
      Hope you and Brenda are doing well, enjoying life! Love and hugs to you both.

    1. Hi Gay! Hope you are enjoying your days. I love taking photos of flowers. On this day, on this walk, the flowers were just about the only thing to take photos of. HeeHee 😊
      Happy Trails!!!!

  2. It always amazes us how people have little regard for the weather. Thunder and lightning should be enough to send you back to safety.

    I just looked up Howard’s new camera. Wow! That is an amazing device in a really small package. I like to be able to carry the camera in a little bag on my backpack belt so my hands are available for climbing. Is that the camera bag on Howard’s belt? Please keep us posted on how the camera does. It seems like a lot in that little package. Hope it is as good the write up.

    1. Hi Pam. Yes, some people just don’t have a clue about the weather. We looked at the radar on our phone and saw what was coming. It even stated rain was coming in 12 minutes. I told a couple that was passing us, but just kept going. Oh well!

      Howard is enjoying the Sony, it sure is a lot of power in a small package. He has taken lots of Hummingbird photos. We have three feeders set up and they have been active.

      The hardsided case is sold separately- called RG Ruggard. He had it on his belt. It was purchased from B and H. We usually purchase all camera items from B and H, they are great to work with.

      I will post some photos from the camera.

      Hope you are enjoying your visit with “the handsome one”. 😉

      1. We had a wonderful visit with Lew. He just loves hanging out in our MH. Whenever I would come out, he would stand and give me the “let’s go this way” look. He couldn’t wait for me to say, okay, let’s go. He would tear over to our place and leap in missing all steps. If Dave or Sue came to the door, he would back away so he wouldn’t have to leave. He is so funny.

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