~Ever Wonder…

~Somewhere north of Pinedale, WY.

I saw this old log cabin sitting in a field, and couldn’t resist taking a photo.

Ever pass an old homestead that is no longer occupied and wonder who lived there, what did they do for a living, how long has it sat empty?

Someone built this log cabin, how many years ago?

~did they cut the timber, for their home, themselves

~did they live there with a family,

~did they raise cattle,

~did they have a garden,

~did they travel by horse and buggy to the nearest trading post

What other questions would you add to my list?


A quick note: I want to thank all my friends who comment on my posts. Please know that I appreciate every single one. Hugs!



3 thoughts on “~Ever Wonder…”

  1. Sheila, when I was little, we took “Sunday Drives”. Every time we passed an old homestead like that we would tease Mom “there’s your new home”. Growing up at near a piece of the Oregon Trail, the history of pioneers in Eastern Washington State is very apparent. I love seeing these old homes and asking the same questions knowing at one time, this building had a significant value to someone in our past history. Thanks for sharing.

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