~Friday’s Feathered Friends

My backyard visitors.

~Blue Jay

This poor guy is molting, but still handsome.

~Stellar Jay

These guys usually remain higher in the mountains. It is nice to have her foraging in my yard.

~Black-capped Chickadee

One of my favorite birds, always fun to watch.

Broad-tailed Hummingbird (female)

This little female is probably one of the last to visit my feeders. I had four hanging around, but they have decided to head south. Wishing them a safe journey.

Juncos and White-crowned Sparrows have shown up, indicating they are migrating south and down from higher elevations.

Look for migrating birds in your yard.


Happy Birding!

One thought on “~Friday’s Feathered Friends”

  1. Beautiful! I have seen chickadees on my feeder this week and the ruby throated hummingbirds have been coming to my year 4 or 5 and a time. It’s fun to watch them zoom all over the place and see them try to keep the other birds away from the feeder.

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