~Friday’s Feathered Friends

August 2021


On occasion a small flock of these tiny birds grace my yard. They flit around seemingly never resting, always active. This past week about ten or so flew in searching through the pine trees for aphids and other insects. They also enjoy suet cakes. It was fun seeing one resting. Perhaps it is a juvenile.

~An unusual fact:

The Bushtit is the only member of its family in the Americas; seven other species are found in Eurasia. All have similar complex hanging nests. A breeding Bushtit pair often has helpers at the nest that aid in raising the nestlings. This already rare behavior is made more unusual by the fact that the helpers are typically adult males.

3 thoughts on “~Friday’s Feathered Friends”

  1. I’m so glad to discover your blog. What like minds we are. Birding, photography, and Pickleball pretty much describe me too. Throw in a lot of travel, mostly international in previous years, mostly U.S. in the past year or so. I look forward to sharing your adventures.

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