~Winter of 2022/2023

~We began our winter journey back in November, 2022. We traveled from Colorado to Cottonwood, AZ and stayed at Dead Horse Ranch State Park for two weeks. It is by far one of my very favorite AZ state parks. The birding and hiking trails are wonderful. A few birds were in the area, but not many.

A beautiful little Junco.
White-breasted Nuthatch.
A Bridled Titmouse.
Another sweet Junco.
I have searched to ID this Sparrow. It appears to me to be a Field Sparrow; however they aren’t listed in birding books as being in AZ. Any ideas?
A crazy pano photo of the birding stations.

Here is a link to this AZ state park, if you haven’t been there it is worth a visit. https://azstateparks.com/dead-horse

The town of Cottonwood is a fun place to visit, although it might be best known as a gateway to the nearby red rocks of Sedona. Cottonwood has plenty charm of its own.  Start with the quaint Old Town district and branch out to the banks of the lushly green Verde River and the nearby historic towns of Clarkdale and Jerome. The Verde Canyon Railroad offers a beautiful four hour, 20 mile train ride through the canyon. It is worth checking into. https://verdecanyonrr.com

If you enjoy Mexican food give Pepe’s in Cottonwood a try. Not much to look at from the outside, but the food is great. It seems a favorite of the locals.

Where to next?

~~Happy Birding~~


4 thoughts on “~Winter of 2022/2023”

  1. Hi Sheila, we love Cottonwood, but have never been able to snag a site to stay there. Your bird photos are wonderful. I especially like the titmouse and junco.

    1. Hi Gay. So nice to hear from you and thanks for your sweet comment about my photos. I have no doubt that you both would love camping at Dead Horse. The park and surrounding areas are fun and offer diverse adventures. You should try booking one year in advance or looking at October, maybe early November. Of course there is always the summer. If I remember correctly ya’ll have camped around this area in the past. I love your blog, your photos and following along with your adventures. And, of course being a dog lover my whole life, I enjoy seeing your doggie photos.

    1. Hi Lois! DHRSP is a great place to stay. I hope you guys are enjoying your travels. It is still winter here in Northern Colorado. The grass is brown, some of the trees are just starting to show signs of leafing out and the Robins look like they are gathering materials for building a nest. I hope where you are that you are seeing signs of Spring! Safe and fun travels!

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