~Photos of Dead Horse Ranch State Park

 11/2022 – I found some photos, of Dead Horse Ranch State Park,  on my phone that I thought I would share. Geez, sometimes managing photos can be a major chore.

There are three lagoons in Dead Horse each with a walking trail that circles the entire body of water. As you can see from the photos below the water captures some great reflection shots.

Still a little Fall color left in November.

Verde River

The river and these ponds are excellent places to bird. In fact the Verde Valley Birding and Nature Festival is an annual event hosted by Friends of the Verde Valley at Dead Horse Ranch State Park. Here is a link: https://verderiver.org/birding-festival/

I was there one year when the festival was being setup. I regret not staying and participating in the event.


5 thoughts on “~Photos of Dead Horse Ranch State Park”

    1. I put out a new suet cake everyday for these hungry birds – Red-shafted Flickers, Gilded-Flickers,Ladder-backed Woodpeckers, and Gila Woodpeckers.

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