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~Lost Dutchman State Park

Lost Dutchman State Park

We pulled into Lost Dutchman State Park last Sunday. Our first experience wasn’t a good one. I was helping Howard back-in our site and got Cholla cactus needles stuck in my heel. Of course, I was wearing sandals. What else does one wear in warm weather while traveling? 🙂 Howard, while connecting the electricity and water, got needles stuck in his hand.

Our site,  number 82 has a Saguaro Cactus on each side of the paved pad. I was wondering to myself just how much it would cost us if we hit one of them. Thankfully that didn’t happen.

Rambling Rose with the Flatirons in the background.

In the days since we arrived, we have had a few more run-ins with cactus needles. A needle went through my tennis shoe and poked me in the foot. I couldn’t pull it out by hand. I can’t believe how hard the needle is. Today, Riley Ann got a Cholla cluster stuck near her mouth. Being the puppy that she is she bites on everything even cactus. 😦

Last week as we walked the other loops in the park we noticed the sites in the “back” loops are much nicer.  Plus they aren’t as closely spaced as the first loop that we are in. I tried to see if we could move, but the park has been full.

We are in the loop labeled 75-104. The main campground with the better sites is labeled 1-135. If you want to camp at Lost Dutchman I would recommend one of the sites in the Main Campground.  However, be aware a few don’t have electricity.

Path to one of the many trails that lead to the Flatiron.

The scenery here at Lost Dutchman is beautiful. When the evening sun hits the flatirons it is gorgeous. As we sit drinking coffee looking out the window facing west and as the sun rises over the flatirons in the east we can watch the sun line gradually making its way toward us. 

Those nasty Cholla.

The weather has finally warmed up into the ’70s with cool nights, but most days there is a strong breeze. One that blows those cactus needles around.

The park offers a lot of nice features like this Coyote Sun Dial. There are rock gardens, picnic areas, a dog park, plaques describing the park’s history and its inhabitants, and more. 

Riley Ann fell in love with a Coyote.

More later……

~Fall colors


once dressed in colors of gold

cottonwood trees lose their beauty to cold

to the enjoyment of everyone that passes

the sunlit water sparkles like glass


We are at Dead Horse Ranch State Park in Cottonwood, AZ. It has been cool but pleasant and the autumn colors are spectacular.

While taking a walk I came upon this gentleman enjoying some fishing. 

This person was also doing a little fishing, but his style is just a little different.

A group of Ring-necked Ducks fishing for aquatic plants and invertebrate.

A beautiful autumn day.




~An Autumn Poem from an Old Wise Tree

~September 22, 2020

“I am an old wise tree.”


I live by a pond along its shore,

Another year has passed,

I am preparing for winter.


People come to visit my pond,

To enjoy the birds and other wildlife,

They come to walk, run, and bicycle.


Sometimes they sit on a bench,

Underneath my branches,

I hear them speak.


Some are happy I hear them laugh,

Some are sad I hear them cry,

Some talk about troubled times.


A virus they say has invaded their world,

These times have brought suffering even death.

Will our lives ever be the same they ask each other.


Daily routines have been altered,

Everyday normal activities changed,

Personal interactions are difficult or nonexistent.


As one season ends and another begins,

I wish for these troubled times to be over,

I wish for normalcy to return.


Have hope my friends who sit underneath me,

For a have lived a long time I am wise,

Love, laughter, and good times will come.


Live and value each day to its fullest,

Enjoy these beautiful autumn days,

Have hope my friends who sit underneath me.