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~They deserve a post all their own~

However, my photos of them might not!

Bald Eagle (female)
A pair of Bald Eagles
(female on the left; male on the right)

Sunday morning, when we were getting ready to leave Rainbow Springs State Park and drive over to Silver River State Park, this pair of Bald Eagles flew into a tree right in the campground.

They make their home at Rainbow Springs State Park:

– hunting along the river,

– building their nest in a favorite tree within the parks boundary,

– and raising their  young

I was told, by a campground host, that this is their fourth year to build a nest in the park.

Bald Eagle (female)
Bald Eagle

The pine tree they were sitting in was huge and my camera lens – not so huge.

However, it was exciting seeing them!

"See ya later, I'am going hunting"
“See ya later, I’am going hunting”