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~600,000,000 gallons of fresh water per day~

The beautiful Rainbow River
The Rainbow River in Dunnellon, Florida


  • Rainbow Springs State Park is a Florida State Park located on U.S. 41, three miles north of Dunnellon, Florida. It comprises 1,459.07 acres upland and 12.83 acres submerged. The most significant natural feature is the first magnitude headspring basin which produces up to 600,000,000 US gallons of fresh water per day, forming The Rainbow River. The looking glass waters of Rainbow Springs come from several vents, not one large bubbling spring.

  • The river itself supports a wide variety of fish, wildlife, and plants, many within easy viewing by visitors. In total, the park contains 11 distinct natural communities, including sandhills, flatwoods, upland mixed forests, and hydric hammocks. (info from the web)

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~Liquid Bliss~

Chocolate Peanut Butter = Liquid Bliss
Chocolate Peanut Butter Beer = Liquid Bliss

One of our favorite things to do, when visiting a place, is to seek out local restaurants. While camping at Rainbow Springs State Park in Dunnellon, Florida, we discovered a wonderful place. Howard first noticed this restaurant, because they had a huge smoker and it was sending smoke signals up into the air. Howard enjoyed a 9 out of 10 rating (his) pulled-pork sandwich and I had the very best smoked salmon I have ever tasted.

We also love to seek out great tasting micro-brew! No, no only one beer or a few samples at a time! {grins}

Loafer’s Restaurant has an extensive list of draft, micro-brews! We were given a couple samples and chose one called – Liquid Bliss, a Chocolate-Peanut Butter beer brewed by Terrapin Brewery in Athens, GA. One might think that this beer would have an overpowering favor of peanut butter, but it doesn’t! It is delightful.

With two visits, to Loafer’s, we accomplished – Pure Bliss!

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~A Patch of Red~

Photo location: Blue Run of Dunnellon Park, Dunnellon, Florida


Red-shouldered Hawk
Red-shouldered Hawk

While staying at Rainbow Springs State Park in Dunnellon, Florida we drove a few miles¬†to hike the beautiful¬†trail system the town of Dunnellon opened in 2008. What an¬†amazing achievement for this lovely small town. This recreation area offers locals and visitors, from around the world, the opportunity to get outside and¬†enjoy¬†nature and to see the “blue” Rainbow River up close.

We hiked this trail with friends who live in a nearby town; we enjoyed their company and the beautiful scenery. We have camped at Rainbow Springs State Park several times, but had never hiked this area and we are so glad we did.

This hawk was spotted by Howard as we walked the Blue Run Trail. It¬†was sitting on a tree branch that grew¬†out across the trail. Howard, actually didn’t see the hawk at first, but almost felt a little gift as we walked under the tree.

Of course we all stopped to admire its beauty. I guess this Red-shouldered Hawk¬†didn’t appreciate our admiration, because it flew out into a marshy area and this is where I was able to take my photo as it sat there looking up at some small birds.

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~They deserve a post all their own~

However, my photos of them might not!

Bald Eagle (female)
A pair of Bald Eagles
(female on the left; male on the right)

Sunday morning, when we were getting ready to leave Rainbow Springs State Park and drive over to Silver River State Park, this pair of Bald Eagles flew into a tree right in the campground.

They make their home at Rainbow Springs State Park:

– hunting along the river,

– building their nest in a favorite tree within the parks boundary,

Рand raising their  young

I was told, by a campground host, that this is their fourth year to build a nest in the park.

Bald Eagle (female)
Bald Eagle

The pine tree they were sitting in was huge and my camera lens – not so huge.

However, it was exciting seeing them!

"See ya later, I'am going hunting"
“See ya later, I’am going hunting”