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~A Gorgeous weekend in Colorado…

~Saturday run and ride. Sunday nine mile bike ride for us both.

This past Saturday Howard ran and I rode my bike a total of four miles. We went through one of our local parks, traversing along the Loveland trail system. Mehaffney is a beautiful park just two miles away from our house.

Sunday started off cloudy with a light breeze so we decided it would be a great morning for a bike ride. We left our house and rode over to Mehaffney park again and followed the bike trail. We hoped to reach ten miles, but came up short one mile.

Rocky Moutains in the background.
Nine mile Sunday bike ride.
Nine mile Sunday bike ride.
View from the bike path looking west. Our house sits on the hill in the background with the Rocky Mountains and Rocky Mountain National Park about 20 miles up the road.
Mehaffney Park
A glimpse of Mehaffney Park.
Mehaffney Park
Mehaffney Park (another view)
Part of Loveland Trail system going through Mehaffney Park
Part of Loveland Trail system going through Mehaffney Park
Mehaffney Park
Mehaffney Park has lots of walk ways and displays of beautiful gardens.
Meadowbrook Natural Area
Meadowbrook Natural Area

On our way to Mehaffney we pass Meadowbrook Natural Area.

Our steep road.
Our steep road. Time for a rest. I can’t ride my bike up our hill.

Up next photos of our re-landscaped yard….

~Sunday Bike Ride

~Loveland, Colorado, August, 2017

Howard and I decided that we need to add another activity to our current list. We are going to bike ride more often. We enjoy riding, and need the added exercise it will give us.

We had my bike “serviced” including getting the frozen right gear shift fixed, and all the rust removed from being on the back of the coach when we travel south. Rain isn’t nice to exposed bikes. She is looking good. Now Howard needs to have his serviced. I was very happy with the service from Breakaway Cycles here in Loveland.

Last week we had a hitch put on our Ford, Edge. Felkers, here in Loveland, did an excellent job. On Friday, we are hoping to pick up a bicycle rack for the Edge. No excuses now baby!

Sunday we went for a 10 mile, roundtrip, ride on Loveland’s excellent bike trail system.

Sunday bike ride.
A beautiful day for a bike ride.


Beautiful day in Northern Colorado
Longs Peak and Meeker to the left of Howard’s head!


Well it’s a first! We are not in the habit of taking “selfies”, but no one was around to get a photo of us.

It's a first!
“Oh my”

It just might be the last selfie, not ride! HeeHee!

Happy Trails, Life is Good!