~A Gorgeous weekend in Colorado…

~Saturday run and ride. Sunday nine mile bike ride for us both.

This past Saturday Howard ran and I rode my bike a total of four miles. We went through one of our local parks, traversing along the Loveland trail system. Mehaffney is a beautiful park just two miles away from our house.

Sunday started off cloudy with a light breeze so we decided it would be a great morning for a bike ride. We left our house and rode over to Mehaffney park again and followed the bike trail. We hoped to reach ten miles, but came up short one mile.

Rocky Moutains in the background.
Nine mile Sunday bike ride.
Nine mile Sunday bike ride.
View from the bike path looking west. Our house sits on the hill in the background with the Rocky Mountains and Rocky Mountain National Park about 20 miles up the road.
Mehaffney Park
A glimpse of Mehaffney Park.
Mehaffney Park
Mehaffney Park (another view)
Part of Loveland Trail system going through Mehaffney Park
Part of Loveland Trail system going through Mehaffney Park
Mehaffney Park
Mehaffney Park has lots of walk ways and displays of beautiful gardens.
Meadowbrook Natural Area
Meadowbrook Natural Area

On our way to Mehaffney we pass Meadowbrook Natural Area.

Our steep road.
Our steep road. Time for a rest. I can’t ride my bike up our hill.

Up next photos of our re-landscaped yard….

9 thoughts on “~A Gorgeous weekend in Colorado…”

  1. Great! Glad y’all having beautiful weather there.

    It’s extremely hot here, so no outside unless you have a pic or a very brave soul. Otherwise we’re doing ok. My mom is in great pain with a pinched nerve affecting her right leg going all the way down to her ankle. She can barely & painful nearly all the time. She’s been waiting for 5 weeks to get a procedure (epidural which will hopefully block the pain). This procedure is scheduled for this Tuesday at 1pm. Keep her in your prayers in hope this will at least lessen her pain so she can have a decent quality of life. I’ve been helping her at the house with things that have been very difficult to do.

    Enjoyed your story as always. We hope all is ok with you guys. I think you said that y’all might be heading out west again before making your yearly trip out east. Keep in touch. Love you guys!!

  2. Hi Lou. We love you guys as well. I wish with all my heart ❤️ that your Mom finds relief. I hope things go well for her on Tuesday. We think of you and Brenda all the time. Thanks for checking in; we haven’t spoken in awhile; since we visited in March.

  3. Bike rides and runs in a beautiful place sure sound like a great way to spend the weekend. I love your park…how nice to have it right in your backyard! Can’t wait to see pictures of your landscaping Sheila. July started our eighth year full timing. I sure miss a yard and garden sometimes!

    1. Hello Gay! WOW, eight wonderful years – how nice. I know you and Joe are enjoying your lifestyle. I guess there are things that are missed in both cases. Yawl are certainly seeing the country and enjoying your “rides”.
      Nice to hear from you; I enjoy reading about your adventures! Safe travels wherever they take you.

      1. Hi Beth! How are you? Yes, Loveland and most of Colorado are in tune with the outdoor lifestyle. Loveland is catching up to other cities with more and more bike trails being built. It is hard to get permission for some of the trails to continue. Some people don’t like them near their property. Northern Colorado is growing so fast – too fast in my opinion.

        Hope you are doing well and enjoying your summer!

    1. Hi Pam. Yes, in the winter it is time to leave for a few months. Can’t believe we drove to work all those years. It really isn’t that bad, but warmer weather is much better!

      Hope you are enjoying your summer travels! Be safe out there!

      Always nice to hear from you.

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