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~A New Bird Book & a New Bird~


Red-bellied Woodpecker (female).
Red-bellied Woodpecker (female). Photo taken at Silver Springs State Park in Ocala, Florida.

I have been looking for the book The Sibley Guide to Birds Second Edition for awhile now. Today, I finally found and purchased this lovely birding guide. I was specifically searching for the re-printed second edition.

I am very happy to add this book to my birding library.¬†Howard kiddingly asks me, “How many bird books do you need?” I reply, “One can’t have too many!”


Blue-headed Vireo


On February 27, 2015 I saw and photographed the little song bird in these photos. It was flitting around hunting for bugs and didn’t stay still long. At first I just assumed it was a Solitary Vireo, which I first saw in Colorado in 1986.

Tonight, while looking through my new bird book, I discovered that the Solitary Vireo as been divided into three separate species:

(1) Plumbeous

(2) Cassin’s

(3) Blue-headed

This Blue-headed Vireo has been added to my Birding Life List at number 385.

Large head, short bill, dark gray head, white spectacles, belly and throat, yellowish flanks.

Until next time…

Sing your heart out!

Beautiful little song bird; averages one phase every 2.5 seconds.



~Blue-headed Vireo-not~

zipping here and there

small flock, blue-headed vireos

lost hope, did not see


A small flock of Blue-headed vireos landed in Fairview Riveside State Park one day this past week. If I remember correctly, it was after heavy thunderstorms. Another birder, here in the park, was telling me about them.

This morning, while on a walk, we first heard and then saw a tiny bird flitting about. I was hoping it might be a¬†Blue-headed Vireo, it wasn’t.¬†The bird we saw and the one in the photo below is a White-eyed Vireo.¬†

This is the only photo of the White-eyed, from this morning, that is worth showing and it isn’t good. If only it wasn’t such a small bird and only if it didn’t zip here and there so darn fast. [grins]

White-eyed Vireo
White-eyed Vireo

I have seen the Solitary and the White-eyed previously and it would have been nice to record, as a new bird, the Blue-headed. Maybe another time.

This info taken from wikipedia: The Blue-headed Vireo is a common and vocal bird of northeastern forests. Formerly lumped as a “Solitary Vireo” with the more western Plumbeous and Cassin’s vireos, it is now considered a separate species.


Fast forward several hours…..

We went for another walk this evening and we saw the White-eyed Vireo again! This time I managed to capture a few nice photos, which was fun and a challenge.


White-eyed Vireo (Setting sun hitting the little guy just right)
White-eyed Vireo
(Setting sun hitting the little guy just right)
White-eyed Vireo Beautiful little bird
White-eyed Vireo
Beautiful little bird


White-eyed Vireo
Notice the white eye!

I believe, because the setting sun was highlighting this Vireo just right, the photo looks like it has been color enhanced, but it has not!

This info taken from All About Birds: The White-eyed Vireo is a small and secretive bird of shrubby areas of the eastern and southern United States, the White-eyed Vireo is more noticeable for its explosive song than its looks.

It was a fun walk for sure, not only because I managed to photograph the White-eyed again, but also because I added two, yes two, new birds to my Birding Life List.

More on them later!


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