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~Blue-headed Vireo-not~

zipping here and there

small flock, blue-headed vireos

lost hope, did not see


A small flock of Blue-headed vireos landed in Fairview Riveside State Park one day this past week. If I remember correctly, it was after heavy thunderstorms. Another birder, here in the park, was telling me about them.

This morning, while on a walk, we first heard and then saw a tiny bird flitting about. I was hoping it might be a Blue-headed Vireo, it wasn’t. The bird we saw and the one in the photo below is a White-eyed Vireo. 

This is the only photo of the White-eyed, from this morning, that is worth showing and it isn’t good. If only it wasn’t such a small bird and only if it didn’t zip here and there so darn fast. [grins]

White-eyed Vireo
White-eyed Vireo

I have seen the Solitary and the White-eyed previously and it would have been nice to record, as a new bird, the Blue-headed. Maybe another time.

This info taken from wikipedia: The Blue-headed Vireo is a common and vocal bird of northeastern forests. Formerly lumped as a “Solitary Vireo” with the more western Plumbeous and Cassin’s vireos, it is now considered a separate species.


Fast forward several hours…..

We went for another walk this evening and we saw the White-eyed Vireo again! This time I managed to capture a few nice photos, which was fun and a challenge.


White-eyed Vireo (Setting sun hitting the little guy just right)
White-eyed Vireo
(Setting sun hitting the little guy just right)
White-eyed Vireo Beautiful little bird
White-eyed Vireo
Beautiful little bird


White-eyed Vireo
Notice the white eye!

I believe, because the setting sun was highlighting this Vireo just right, the photo looks like it has been color enhanced, but it has not!

This info taken from All About Birds: The White-eyed Vireo is a small and secretive bird of shrubby areas of the eastern and southern United States, the White-eyed Vireo is more noticeable for its explosive song than its looks.

It was a fun walk for sure, not only because I managed to photograph the White-eyed again, but also because I added two, yes two, new birds to my Birding Life List.

More on them later!


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