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~A Gathering~

It was a fun four days! 

We gathered with friends, all of us members of the Family Motor Coach Association Amateur Radio Club, at the Central Florida Fairgrounds in Orlando, for an Amateur Radio Convention. 

We parked our rig on the fairgrounds along with a hundred others! We had water and electric and were able to park with our club members for camaraderie, eats, drinks and just to pass a good time (as they say down south)! 

Hams from all over the world attend this convention every year and this was our four year to attend!

Vendors and other hams setup booths to sell radio equipment and other miscellaneous items in the main buildings located on the fairgrounds property. Outside, people setup tables and tents to sell their “fleas”. There are food vendors, as well, to feed all these hungry radio people.

It was great fun!

One afternoon, I took a walk down by a lake that borders the fairgrounds and found a few of my two-legged feathered friends hanging around – a few seem to be having a fun gathering of their own!

Muscovy Duck
Muscovy Duck
Ring-necked Duck
Ring-necked Duck
"Come with me"
“Come with me”
"The meeting is called to order"
“The meeting is called to order”
Mallard (female)
Mallard (female)
"What do I do with this feather"
“What do I do with this feather”
“Do you think I can sell it”
American Coot
American Coot
"I'am late for the meeting"
“I’am late for the meeting”
"See Ya"
“See Ya”

When we left the Central Florida Fairgrounds we headed to Lake Louisa State Park with six wonderful friends, for three days of additional camping. We ate some great food, attended a few happy hours, hiked some beautiful trails for some much needed exercise and watched a gorgeous sunset!

We left our friends this morning and headed to Rainbow Springs State Park, in Dunnellon, Florida. It was sure sad leaving, but we need to slowly make our way north and then west! 

You would know – it rained most of the day and turned a little cool! What will the weather do and how slowly will we have to travel west toward home?

"See Ya"
“See Ya”

SBS : ~Broad-tailed Hummingbird ~

Sheila’s Bird Shots: ~ Broad-tailed Hummingbird ~

"I wish this itch would go away"
“I wish this itch would go away”

In my garage I have several Hummingbird feeders hanging on pegs collecting dust. Several, because every time I visit a hardware store, I mossy over and look at the feeders and there is usually a cute one just asking me to take it home. I blame Howard the hubby, because he likes to go to hardware stores. If I was being honest, so do I. In fact I love going to hardware stores.


Well, just maybe this one will help keep the bees and wasps away, I tell myself. So one comes home with me and after a few tries it goes on the peg next to a couple more. I just hate seeing the bees chasing the Hummingbirds away. I don’t worry too much, because throughout this spring and summer we have had several Hummers hanging out in the yard enjoying the flowers I planted just for them.


Howard, said one day “Why don’t you hang up some of your feeders for them?” Oh jeez “here we go again.”


Back in the early part of spring, at the time I brought an Oriole feeder, I also bought the very best Hummer feeding mix on the market; however, I won’t mention the name. So I got out my feeders, washed them really well, filled them using this mix and hung two feeders up, one in the front yard and one in the back. Gotta keep the hubby happy!


Guess what? The Hummers would take one sip and fly away not to return to the feeder. The bees, wasps and the House Finches loved my attempt at feeding the tiny guys. I have never seen the House Finches enjoying the Hummer feeder as I have this year. I know the importance of the honey bees and don’t want to cause any harm to them, but I just wish they would leave the Hummers alone while they are trying to eat.


One afternoon last week, around happy hour, hubby and I were sitting out on the deck watching one of the ignored, cute hummer feeders I had filled with pretty red liquid. Howard says “I don’t think they like that stuff. Why don’t you try mixing your own food for them? Okay, I say. I can see that they just don’t like the pretty red liquid in my cute little feeder.  


Last Sunday I mixed up a batch using the recommended blend of one cup of water to four teaspoons of sugar. I filled the two feeders with my blah, white blend and we waited to see how the Hummingbirds would react to my new offering. Almost immediately we had several female Broad-tailed Hummers declare their claim to these feeders. Yeah! Finally!


These females have been busy scouting, eating, fighting and resting. They are so much fun to watch. Just wondering how much longer, this season, they will be around.


Broad-tailed Hummingbird (female)
Broad-tailed Hummingbird (female)

bird on a wire

such a tiny life full of fire

female without doubt

During this past week I was able to capture a few images of a Hummer as she sat on one of Howard’s Amateur Ham Radio antennas. They seem to love perching there, I believe, because it is high and the perfect scouting post.


After taking a few photos the other day and now looking at their facial expressions it is amusing and makes me wonder, what are they thinking. I wonder if a female Hummer could talk what would she say?


I caught her as she was flying away. I was playing around with the colors of the background.
I caught her as she was flying away. I was playing around with the colors of the background.