~A Gathering~

It was a fun four days! 

We gathered with friends, all of us members of the Family Motor Coach Association Amateur Radio Club, at the Central Florida Fairgrounds in Orlando, for an Amateur Radio Convention. 

We parked our rig on the fairgrounds along with a hundred others! We had water and electric and were able to park with our club members for camaraderie, eats, drinks and just to pass a good time (as they say down south)! 

Hams from all over the world attend this convention every year and this was our four year to attend!

Vendors and other hams setup booths to sell radio equipment and other miscellaneous items in the main buildings located on the fairgrounds property. Outside, people setup tables and tents to sell their “fleas”. There are food vendors, as well, to feed all these hungry radio people.

It was great fun!

One afternoon, I took a walk down by a lake that borders the fairgrounds and found a few of my two-legged feathered friends hanging around – a few seem to be having a fun gathering of their own!

Muscovy Duck
Muscovy Duck
Ring-necked Duck
Ring-necked Duck
"Come with me"
“Come with me”
"The meeting is called to order"
“The meeting is called to order”
Mallard (female)
Mallard (female)
"What do I do with this feather"
“What do I do with this feather”
“Do you think I can sell it”
American Coot
American Coot
"I'am late for the meeting"
“I’am late for the meeting”
"See Ya"
“See Ya”

When we left the Central Florida Fairgrounds we headed to Lake Louisa State Park with six wonderful friends, for three days of additional camping. We ate some great food, attended a few happy hours, hiked some beautiful trails for some much needed exercise and watched a gorgeous sunset!

We left our friends this morning and headed to Rainbow Springs State Park, in Dunnellon, Florida. It was sure sad leaving, but we need to slowly make our way north and then west! 

You would know – it rained most of the day and turned a little cool! What will the weather do and how slowly will we have to travel west toward home?

"See Ya"
“See Ya”

10 thoughts on “~A Gathering~”

    1. This Muscovy duck was beautiful with her many facial expressions, which made it so much fun to photograph. I should have posted photos of us parked on the fairgrounds, but I don’t like to post photos of others without their permission!

    1. Hi Janell! We have had a wonderful three and a half months so far – visiting family and friends and just hanging out here and there in this beautiful country of ours.

      We will travel slowly back to Colorado, planning to arrive sometime in April!

      Thank you so much for your kind words; I am glad you enjoyed these photos.

  1. Beautiful captures. We’re back in AZ and I’m missing the unique birds of the Gulf. But loving the warm sunny weather. We fell in love with Canyon Lake just north of San Antonio. Safe travels on your way back to CO 🙂

    1. Ingrid! So glad you stopped by! I have missed hearing from you and I apologize for not always writing back and on your blog,

      I think, I will have more time now, in the evening to browse and comment on the blogs I love to read! Yours being one!

      I am so glad you enjoyed Texas! It is a diverse and beautiful state. We love the Hill Country as well! Enjoy AZ

      1. Yes, we really enjoyed Texas. I didn’t always have good internet connection to comment. I’d write something and then get dropped….so frustrating. Back to CO in April and will be in the Denver area mid June for a wedding 🙂

    1. Thank you! We will spend some more time in Florida, before leaving this beautiful state. We are currently at Rainbow Springs State Park for four nights, then we plan a short stay, our first, at Silver Springs State Park. We will probably stay at Black Water River again on our way west and who knows what others on our route!

      I am planning our 2014/2015 trip to Florida and want to stay at Fort DeSoto!!! The photography that people are posting of this county park is gorgeous!! Great photographers and great scenery.

      We have not spent time on the west side of Florida!

      Take care!

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